Why can’t dogs eat chocolates?

Did you know that chocolates are considered to be food for the gods? Theobrama Cacao the tree from which the cacao beans are derived actually means food of the gods. The cacao beans were dried, pounded and made into a drink that is used in ceremonies. These days, chocolates are primary gifts ideas during holidays. Not everyone would admit to a sweet tooth but it would not be uncommon for these people to have chocolate cravings from time to time. People do so love chocolates. It is believed that dogs are highly attuned to the sentiments of their masters. Would it be surprising for the pet of a chocolate lover to love chocolates as well?

However, chocolates and dogs is a bad combination. This is due to the fact the chocolates are poisonous to dogs. You love your dog and you want to give in to the pet’s begging. Okay, give the dog a bite of chocolate but be prepared for the consequences of your actions. The first bite may not have dangerous effects on the dog. However, you know that chocolates are kind of addicting. Once the dog has its first bite, it would have chocolate cravings. Remember, dogs are voracious eaters. They eat tasteless (at least to us humans) dirt and grasses. Would it be possible for the dog to resist the call of the chocolates?

Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine. Both chemicals are harmful to the dog. Humans can digest theobromine, dogs can’t. Milk chocolates are dangerous to dogs but dark chocolates are proven to be more lethal. Dark chocolates are favored by people not only because of the taste but because it is considered to be healthier. Dark chocolates contain antioxidants that are proven to be beneficial to the human body. Because of the high theobromine content dark chocolate can kill the dog. This food for the gods is a diuretic. Ingestion in large quantities will cause the dog to vomit, to urinate excessively and to have diarrhea. Vomiting though can be life saving. Vets usually induce a dog poisoned with chocolates to vomit. The ingested chocolate must be forcefully expelled from the stomach to prevent it from being absorbed by the body. Once theobromine is absorbed by the dog’s system it will stimulate the central nervous system of the dog causing rapid heart beats and hypertension. This chemical affects the brain as well. A poisoned dog would have tremors and seizures. When not given immediate medical attention, these situations can lead to the death of the pet.

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