Whistle Vs Fitbark 2 Trackers – Ultimate Specs Comparison

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Whistle Vs Fitbark 2

Whistle Vs Fitbark 2 Trackers – Ultimate Specs Comparison

With Whistle’s device, you may never lose sight of your four-legged pet again. It will connect with your smartphone to locate your dog anytime or anywhere and give you live updates on his health and whereabouts! The FitBark also keeps track of health and location, but does it bring anything more than Whistle?

Below we have made the comparison of Whistle Vs. Fitbark 2, as well as a complete analysis of each of these devices. So to buy the most suitable device for your dog, just read on.

Whistle Dog Tracker Review

One of the complete devices that allows you to monitor a dog’s health and know its location simultaneously is Whistle Dog Tracker. This device requires a subscription to offer the GPS tracking function in real-time. Anyone will be able to know the location of their pet at any time.

Connecting this device with the application available for cell phones offers other benefits. The user will be able to know the actual location of each dog using Google maps. It will even be straightforward to make safe zones regardless of each zone’s size, shape, or quantity.

The activity monitor provides an efficient data set. This makes it possible to know the number of calories a dog has burned or the distance it has traveled in a whole day. The user will also know all the locations of a dog over 24 hours, thanks to the location history.

This device provides the possibility to set goals for a dog to improve its fitness. This takes into consideration the breed, weight, and age of each animal. Improving the health of each dog and monitoring its location at all times will be very simple with this device of excellent strength and durability.

  • Highly durable and waterproof structure
  • Highly efficient GPS tracking
  • Customizable health monitoring
  • Requires monthly or annual subscription

Fitbark 2 Dog Tracker Review

This device is also one of the best options for activity and health monitoring. The user will be able to connect this device with the app available for iOS or Android phones. In this way, it will be easier to check the overall health status of a dog and different factors.

This device allows the user to check the sleeping hours and the factors related to activities or fitness. This device can also detect the condition of the skin and the presence of any related diseases. 

When using this device, it is possible to combine its operation with Google Fit, Apple Healthfit, or Fitbit. A battery complements the waterproof structure with excellent usage time. The highly lightweight allows a dog to enjoy the outdoors without noticing this device on his collar.

All those dogs that do not need to be monitored will use this device to improve their health. This is important as there is no GPS tracking function included here. This can be a positive aspect as no monthly or yearly subscription is required.

  • Excellent health monitoring factors
  • Battery life up to 6 months
  • Allows to detect some signs of illness or discomfort
  • Does not provide GPS tracking function

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Whistle Vs Fitbark 2 Trackers – Features & Specs Battle

Whistle Vs Fitbark 2

When it comes to choosing a device, these two options tend to be the most popular. Each incorporates a set of features as a health monitor and as a dog locator. An efficient way to make the best decision is to compare the main aspects of each of these options.


The user will be able to receive different alerts in case the dog has run away. At the same time, the user can pinpoint its location anywhere within North America. The tracking takes into account any movement every 15 seconds.

The whistle tracking allows detecting some common behaviors that have as a reference the primary signs of disease. Even the coverage is more than ample, and it is possible to customize a safe zone. The device is highly resistant, small, and affordable.

Fitbark 2:

This device allows you to monitor a dog’s daily activities and sleeping hours every day of the week, all day long. The battery usage time offers six months and is combined with a health monitoring of each dog.

This device requires no subscription and offers a 3D accelerometer. This means more effective tracking of each dog’s movements. In addition, this device can be linked with Apple Healthkit, Google Fit, and Fitbit.

1. Design


This device is available for users in green, gray, and blue. In addition, a rounded cube design has been incorporated to provide more accessible functionality. 

The water resistance is efficient, and it is possible to hang this device on each dog’s collar. The water resistance allows each dog to enjoy a pool full of water.

Fitbark 2:

The small bone design is one of the leading exterior features of this device. However, it is also a highly resistant device that can withstand all kinds of play factors of each dog.

Polycarbonate has been used for this purpose which also provides excellent underwater resistance. So this device will also not be a problem for underwater dog games.

2. Durability


This device is highly resistant to shock, water, and dirt, which means it has an IP67 rating. In addition, the device has also been tested and submerged for 30 minutes underwater with a depth of 3 feet.

Each user can also count on a tether strap constructed of robust and heavy-duty rubber. This is necessary due to the strength and durability to prevent rough play and even bites.

Fitbark 2:

The waterproof rating of this device is somewhat different as it is an IPx7 rating. This means that the durability of this device is more than enough when it comes to different harsh weather conditions. However, the resistance is not as high when it comes to shock or dirt.

3. Size


This device has the versatility of adapting to different collars that dogs usually use. This requires a collar with a minimum width of one inch. The dimensions of this device are 1.82 x 1.45 x 0.61 inches.

Fitbark 2:

This device is usually much lighter compared to the other option. The weight is only 10 grams, which allows for much more convenient transportation and use in general. At the same time, we can consider these qualities more efficient thanks to the dimensions of 1.6 x 1.1 x 0.5 inches.

4. Activity Monitor


When it comes to monitoring a dog’s activity, this device can provide some apparent advantages. The 24-hour activity log can be displayed through a graph provided by this device. Here it is possible to find a wide variety of efficient data to analyze the fitness activity of each dog.

The primary data provided are the calories burned, the intensity level of each pet’s activity, the active and inactive time, and the distance traveled. 

At the same time, this device also takes into consideration the different needs of dog breeds. It considers weight, age, and breed to customize the different goals a user wants for his dog.

Fitbark 2:

This device can also provide excellent benefits and tracking to analyze each dog’s activity. Each user will monitor a dog’s health by including a variety of factors and data that provide a more comprehensive report. 

Among the main factors taken into consideration are mentioned: activity and sleeping hours, stress and anxiety levels, calories burned, and any traces indicating a possible skin disease.

In this way, the user will have the possibility to use this device to monitor the fitness level of each dog. It will also be much easier to know some factors related to possible diseases or health problems.

5. GPS Functions


The AT&T LTE service of GPS tracking provides different highly efficient functions. Location updates are made in real-time and at an efficient frequency every 60 seconds. Location history is also incorporated, which allows knowing the different locations of a dog throughout 24 hours.

Each user will also have the ability to set up safe zones for the safety of each pet. The user can choose different zones that are customizable in both size and shape. Each user can receive different automatic notifications such as text messages and emails when a dog leaves the safe zone.

Any family member or friend can also have full access, thanks to the sharing function. This allows a friend or family member of the primary user to have the tracking functions for much more efficient pet monitoring.

Fitbark 2:

One of the weak points of this device is the GPS tracking functions. This device does not provide GPS tracking functionality, as it is only oriented to monitoring the health of each dog.

This disadvantage can be solved if the user decides to purchase Fitbark GPS. However, the total cost of this could be higher since two other purchases would have to be made.

6. Subscription


This device requires a mandatory service subscription plan to have all the features. The monthly subscription can be obtained for $9.95, while the annual subscription is $7.95. A biannual subscription is also available for a cost of $6.95.

Fitbark 2:

This device does not require a monthly subscription, which is an advantage. However, the disadvantage is that the user cannot have GPS tracking functions on this device itself. However, every user will count on each of the health tracking features offered by this device.

7. Other Aspects of the Application


When it comes to using this device, the user will count on the Whistle Tracker smartphone app. This requires a device with an iOS 10.0 operating system or later version, or an Android 5.0 device or later version. 

In this way, the user will have the possibility to check each dog’s location while using Google maps. It is also possible to access other options such as settings adjustment, battery check, safe zone display, and inactivity and activity data.

Fitbark 2:

This device also has a specific app to facilitate the use of each of the functions. The application of this device provides data on the physical condition of each dog and a summary of the pet’s health factors.

So, the user will check the sleep score, activity index, distance traveled, and overall health on average. There is also the possibility to connect this device with Google Fit, Fitbit, or Apple Healthkit for much more complete and efficient monitoring.

The Winner of Comparison

The Whistle is the winner due to the wide variety of diverse functions within a complete device. For one, the owner of each dog will be able to set specific activity goals considering each dog’s weight, breed, and age.

There is also the GPS tracking function to check in real-time the location of each dog. All tracking functions can be shared with other family members or friends for more efficient control at all times. A dog can be better protected at any time of the day.


When giving more attention to each dog, it is essential to consider the Whistle Vs. Fitbark 2 comparison. As we have mentioned, Whistle provides a complete set of functions for the well-being of each dog.

However, it also incorporates an adequate set of health-tracking functions. This can be efficient when it is not necessary to check a dog’s location in real-time at any given time.

Considering any of these devices will be beneficial in one way or another. Any dog will be able to improve its health and lifestyle through the data provided by these devices.

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