Where can I buy dogs?

So you have decided to get a dog. You want a pet that will guard the house and meet the family at the gate with a happily wagging tail. The dog will be the playmate of the children and will become your own jogging companion. You already have an idea what size and dog breed would fit your family and your lifestyle. The question is – where will you begin your search to find a dog you can buy?

If you have set your mind in getting a purebred that is not so common, checking ads in newspapers will make the task easier. Surfing the Net is also a good way of finding dog sources. By using this modern technology you will have a good chance of locating breeders, shelters and pet stores near you. If you are lucky, you can even find someone offering puppies for free. Breeders, shelters, pet stores, rescue organizations, puppy mills and brokers are the possible dog sources. Let us not forget relatives and friends that would willingly share the offspring of their pet. Each of these sources though would have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Pet store have been the sources of pets for decades. Most prospective pet owner would choose this source because of the convenience as pet stores are practically found anywhere. You would not need to be on the waiting list as most of the time you can get a puppy right away. Pet store transactions are covered with contracts. This means that the puppies are covered with warranties but it would still be necessary to thoroughly examine the puppies. As the puppies are usually obtained from brokers or puppy mills, the pet store owner may not be able to answer your question regarding the temperament and the health concerns of the dog. Also because of the large volume of puppies being sold it is highly probable that the puppies are unvaccinated, not dewormed and not properly socialized.

Breeders are the most ideal sources where you can buy a dog. This is of course if you are ready to be put on a long waiting list and if you have the time for the long drive as most breeding farms are situated in the middle of the country. Responsible breeders would ensure that their puppies are of the highest quality by carefully selecting would be parents of the litter. The compatible male and the female would still be tested for canine diseases. These breeders will allow you to see not only the dam and the sire of the litter but also the breeding premises. A breeder that takes care of the puppies would be very proud to show them off. Of course there are exceptions but most dogs obtained from a responsible breeder grow up to be ideal specimens of the breed. Puppies are not only wormed and inoculated they are properly socialized as well. Commercial breeders have staff that handles and socializes the puppies. Small breeders would take the puppies home to allow them to have human contact.

Locating dogs have become much easier by using the Internet. Many dog breeders have availed of modern technology by having web sites where pictures of available puppies can be seen. Other information like the breeding facilities, the breeding stocks, the previous litters as well as testimonials of buyers are posted for potential buyers to see. Online sources are useful when the chosen breed is not available locally. The downside with this long distance purchase is that you only get to see the dog when it is delivered. A contract that stated the offers of the breeder is therefore very necessary. The contract should provide warranties against possible congenital defects that can develop at least a year after the dog was purchased.

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