What’s The Best Pet Health Insurance?

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Pet Insurance for Rabbits

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What’s The Best Pet Health Insurance?

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What’s The Best Pet Health Insurance?

You’re looking for the best pet health insurance you can find. And here at “Pet Insurance Matters” we know how difficult that search can be. You want the best coverage for your dog, cat or exotic pet AND you want what’s best for your finances too.

The Best Pet Health Insurance For Your Pet

Not all pet insurance companies insure all kinds of pets. So the first question you need to address is “What kind of pet do you want to insure?”

Many companies will issue pet health policies only for cats and dogs. This is a show stopper if you have a bird, rabbit, ferret, turtle, lizard or another reptile. Obviously, companies that don’t insure the kind of pet you own will NOT have the best pet health insurance for you.

Even if you do plan to insure a dog or cat, the breed can be a factor. For example, not all dog breeds are insurable by all pet health companies, or if they are, the prices they charge are higher. One of the few companies that do not charge a different price for different breeds is the AKC Pet Health Insurance Company

The Best Pet Health Insurance Covers What You Care About

Pet insurance policies range from very basic “Accident Only” plans to full coverage that includes accident, illness, maintenance support as well as loss recovery and death benefits. So you’ll have to decide what kind of insurance you want for your pet.

Accident-only plans mean exactly that. They will cover procedures and medications arising from an accidental injury to your pet.

Full coverage will include procedures and medications needed for accidental injuries as well as illnesses. In some cases it will even cover genetic conditions as well as cancer treatments.

The Best Pet Health Insurance For Your Budget

How much you want to spend is another important factor in finding the best pet insurance. We all know that there are no free lunches in life so the more you pay for your pet insurance policy the more benefits you’ll get in return.

If you’re on a very tight budget you’ll be looking for an accident-only policy. This will cover the unexpected things like your new puppy needing surgery because he swallowed a sock or your kid’s toy. But keep in mind it won’t help you at all if your furry friend is diagnosed with diabetes, arthritis or cancer.

Where do you live?

Luckily where you live is much less of a problem than you might imagine. Most pet insurance companies can issue policies in every part of the country that they serve. That is to say, if the company covers pets in the United States they will have policies available in all US States, including Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. The same goes for UK pet insurance companies, Canadian pet insurance and pet insurance Australia.

Because pet insurance companies accept receipts from any licensed vet you are even covered while traveling! Keep in mind that some insurance companies determine benefit payments based on “usual and customary” prices based on where you live. What this means is that the percentage of your expenses you recoup may be more or less than you are used to while you’re on the road, depending on the cost of services in that area.

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