What type of toys should I get for my puppy?

Cute puppies are hard to resist. Puppies will bring endless hours of fun to the family. However some preparations are necessary before bringing the new pet home. Caring for puppies is very similar to caring for babies. A puppy may not need a high chair but much have to be done to make the new pet’s transition to a new home a little easier. Of course you need to puppy proof the house. A crate would give the puppy its own space. For sure you have already purchased a collar and leash, feeding bowls and food, puppy bed and grooming supplies. These are the essential supplies you need to get for your new pet. Wait…you are forgetting something. Have you purchased toys for your puppy?

From day one, the puppy should have a few toys to play with. The toys would not only prevent the puppy from missing its mother and littermates. Toys will stimulate the puppy’s mind and keep it entertained so that the development of unwanted behavior is prevented. Expect a puppy to be very curious about their new world. Puppies can be living chewing machines as they would use their mouths to investigate anything interesting. The attention of the puppy must be directed away from things that cannot be safely chewed. Instead of chewing the carpet, the leg of furniture or your favorite sneakers, the new pet can turn its attention to a squeaky toy. Puppies would want to have anything they can sink their teeth into especially if they are teething. Chewing toys will massage the sore gums. Toys will be needed by dogs of all ages but playthings are most needed by puppies as these young dogs, similar to kids, are very playful.

With so many dog toys to choose from, buying toys for the puppy will never be a problem. However, the toys that must be given to the pet must be carefully chosen to prevent any potential accidents. Expect the toy to be chewed by the pet thus it should be of durable material with no small parts that can be easily detached and swallowed by the pet. The toy chosen must not contain toxic materials as well. A ball is one of the most common puppy toys as it is also used in training the dog. The size of the ball is important. The size must be just right to be comfortably carried by the dogs but not too small to be a choking hazard.

Puppies get bored easily thus it would be best if you can get several toys for the pet. What type of puppy toys should you choose? You can get the new pet play toys, chew toys, activity toys, manipulation toys or interactive toys. All these types of puppy toys would basically deliver the same benefits to the dog. These toys will be chewed, provide diversion that will prevent boredom and ease teething soreness and strengthen the gums. Puppies love plush squeaky toys. These play toys will be worked by the pet until the squeaker is killed. Because plush toys are soft, warm and cuddly, the toy will be viewed by the pup as substitute littermate. Chew toys come in all forms and sizes. Any kind of chew toy will do as long as the puppy cannot easily tear the material apart as small parts can be ingested. Kong toys are examples of manipulative toys. As the pup chews the toy food will be released. It will certainly be challenging for the puppy to get the treat inside the Kong. Frisbee and balls are interactive toys that will enhance the bond between owner and pet. These interactive toys are ideal tools for training the puppy. While playing, the puppy can easily learn to obey the fetch and drop it commands.

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