What to do if your dog is injured or killed?

So you have decided to get a puppy. It is a fantastic idea. The puppy will be a loyal and affectionate companion. It will be a good playmate of the children as well. Having a dog in the family means endless happy moments with the pet. The dog will be loved and will be considered a part of the family. Having a dog though would have its drawbacks. The money spent on these animals would surely be the last consideration of any dog owner. What would concern most owners would be the anguish they have to bear if the dog is injured, lost or killed. The distress the family will feel over the loss of the dog will be aggravated further if it was established that the dog was maliciously abused or intentionally killed.


Accidents happen even to pets with the most careful owners. As dog that used to go in the same dog park for years can be attacked and injured by another dog. The dog in a pet care facility may be injured as well because of the negligence of the concerned people. Dogs are taken to the vet for their shots and for any kind of ailment but we constantly hear about veterinary malpractices that results to the death of the dog. If your dog was injured or killed because of the above mentioned reasons you can press charges and seek punitive damages. No amount of financial compensation can bring back the life of the beloved pet. No compensation either would be enough to appease the grief felt by the family for the loss of the pet. However, it would be unfair for the dog owner to shoulder the veterinary bills because of the negligence and because of the malicious intent of other people.

As a wronged owner you have the right to press criminal charges. If your pet was accidentally or intentionally harmed you have the right to seek financial compensation. The damages should include the vet bills and punitive damages that would include compensation for the mental anguish and for the loss of the pet. The responsible person would have to pay the market value of the dog as well.

An owner’s first priority if the pet is injured obviously would be to take the dog to the vet for treatment. Examination findings must be documented as it would be needed if and when you decide to press charges. If the dog was killed it would be best to notify the authorities to conduct an investigation. Take pictures of the dog before taking the body to the vet for necropsy.

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