What to do if your dog bites you or another person?

Dogs are very loyal and loving creatures and will do whatever it takes in order to protect it’s owner and family. Dogs are natural pack creatures and are instinctively inherited with the knack to attack those who threaten them and their family or pack. This is why many people get bit by a dog because they make the dog feel threatened. It really isn’t the dog’s fault and it may not even be the human’s fault. In a situation like this, it is important to know what to do when your dog bite somebody else or even you.

In the case where your dog bites another individual, there are several things you must do to try and neutralize the situation. First grab your dog and put it in a controlled and safe place. Somewhere like in your house or in the backyard is appropriate. Chain your dog to something if you have to. Offer medical assistance to the injured victim. If they need an ambulance, call for one. If they need a ride to the hospital, give the bitten individual a ride to the emergency room. Be as courteous and helpful as possible because you may have to face this person in court. Always make sure to exchange information with the victim and any witnesses to the altercation. Basically it is like a car accident, you have to get each other’s info and then call each other later and see what you want to do in order to resolve the problem.

After all the smoke and fireworks have cleared up, the bite victim will normally try and take you to court. Make sure you have proof that the dog is yours and that it has been vaccinated for rabies. If the bite victim is looking to get some money out of you, a lawyer is recommend to fight the charges and save you a few dollars. It really depends on the dog’s history of biting and how sever the bite was in order to judge any particular situation. If your dog has bitten others before and nearly bit the arm off the latest person, then probably your going to lose your defense case and maybe your dog as well.

Dogs who receive lots of love and attention normally don’t bite strangers unless they feel really threatened by the individual and situation. This usually means that it was the person’s fault they got bit and not the dogs. Sow your dog lots of love and they usually won’t bite other people.

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