What to do if your dog attacks another dog?

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What to do if your dog attacks another dog?

Many people think of their dog as somewhat of a human figure. Dogs are definitely apart of the family and when it comes to doing all the things that a normal human does, a dog does the same things. They eat, sleep, play, poop, and pee. The basic functions of a human right? Dogs however, unlike many people are very loyal and loving and can be an owner’s best friend. When it comes to meeting new dogs, a dog is like a human when meeting a new friend, it takes a minute to get used to the new life being. In many cases a normal person does not like the unknown person and they simply don’t ever speak again. Dogs on the other hand are very territorial and when they don’t like another dog, they fight.

Dogs attack other dog and fight because they are either trying to protect you from this unknown threat or they have been raised by you to be a jerk. In the case you are a good dog owner and your dog attacks another dog, there are many things that you must consider. If the other dog gets hurt or is killed, there maybe serious legal consequences one may have to deal with as well as losing their dog in the process. It really depends on the situation on why your dog attacked the other dog. Perhaps your dog attacked the other dog because they were wandering onto your property. Again dogs are very territorial, an they have the instinctive mentality that they need to protect their home turf.

Several cases have been reported that a dog simply attacked another dog for no reason. For the most part the reason this happens is because the owner has raised their dog to be very aggressive and to fight other dogs. For example, Michael Vick raised pitbulls to fight other pitbulls. He would kill the bad dogs that didn’t fight very well. Dogs learn that they need to be the best fighter or they die cruelly. Mike Vick is now in jail where he belongs for this satanic act of injustice. If you raise your dog with love and attention, they won’t attack other dogs just for the heck of it.

Dogs are instinctive and are very protective of their home and of their owner. If they attack another dog, it is because they feel threatened. Just show your dog lots of love and they normally won’t fight or attack other dogs.

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