What to do if you get bit by a dog?

Dogs are gentle and affectionate creatures. These animals are most loyal to their owners. Dogs, especially those that have grown with the children developed into steadfast companions and playmates of the kids. Dogs would always want to please the master. Apart from being territorial, these animals are protective of their human family as well. Dogs make excellent guard dogs because these animals are noted for their tendency to bite. No one would want to be bitten by a dog. A minor dog bite wound would heal in no time but the traumatic experience would linger on.

A big percentage of dog bite victims were injured by their own dogs. Being bitten by the pet can be easily prevented. First off is to choose a breed noted for gentle and well balanced temperament. A Pit bull would not be a good choice if there are children in the family. Children must be taught how to properly care and deal with the dog. Dogs are playful animals but it would not be wise to play aggressive games with the dog. You love your dog but it would never do to tease these animals. It is probably best if you heed the saying to let sleeping dogs lie. A sleeping dog when disturbed can bite. Know what the body language of the dog means. A dog with bared teeth, stiffly raised tail, bared teeth and raised hackles is imparting a message. Don’t mess with me. I will bite!

A dog bite is a traumatic experience; the dog bite wound would not be a pretty sight. What would you do if a dog bits you? This could be quite hard to follow because when a dog bites, the instinct would be to run to be able to stay away from the dog as far as possible. Stay calm and take stock of the situation. Call for help; jump on a higher place if possible to prevent the dog from attacking again. Once the dog is restrained attend to the bite wound at once. Profuse bleeding must be stopped. This can be done by applying pressure on the wound. Wash the dog bite thoroughly. Let running water flow ever the bite for a while. This would hurt but it is necessary to “open” the lacerated tissues so that it can be cleaned extensively as well. Pat the bitten spot dry and apply antibiotic. The dog may have inflicted minor wounds but it would still be necessary to consult a doctor. Don’t you think wasting time in the waiting room would be a better option than having to suffer from rabies virus in the future?

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