What size dog door do I need?

You are having a beautiful dream when you are suddenly awakened by the frantic scratching of the dog on the door – Kiefer Sutherland a.k.a. Jack Bauer is about to die in the series finale of the TV series 24 when the dog started whining – these are your cues to let the dog out as it wants to go. You love your dog but there are instances when you would want to strangle the pet. Ignoring the demand of the pet would of course result to accidents inside the house. Naturally, you would not want to deal with the mess created by the dog. Would you forever be at the beck and call of the dog? Would you always have to be the doorman to your pet? Or would you rather install a dog door so that the pet would not trouble you every time it wants to go?

More and more dog owners are finding dog doors to be great convenience. A dog door is a piece of equipment that makes the life of indoor dog owners easier. Indoor dogs would need to do their business in the yard several times a day. These swinging doors that are commonly installed in a wall or in the entrance door will allow the pet to exit and enter the home even without the help of the owner. As the dog can come and go, unsightly scratch marks on the door can be prevented and most importantly, the dog will not excrete inside the house. This device is a huge convenience for pet owners that are gone all day. Dogs trapped inside the house become bored and we know that bored dogs develop destructive behaviors. The furniture and the carpet will be chewed. The dog’s excessive barking can lead to altercations with the neighbors. These situations can be prevented if the dog can come and go it he feels like it. Doggie doors are not especially beneficial to indoor dogs alone. Outdoor dogs are benefited too. Cold or rainy weather would make an outdoor dog very uncomfortable. With a dog door, the pet can enter the house if the temperature plunges to dangerous level.

There are many types of dog doors. Flaps set into the door or wall are most common. More sophisticated kinds are hinged to the door and are locked and unlocked by an electronic mechanism. The most important consideration though is the size. It is very necessary to get the measurement of the dog before purchasing the door. Dog door manufacturers specify the recommended weight of the dog on the packaging of the dog door. However, it would still be necessary to measure the shoulder and the height of the dog’s back. You wouldn’t want to have a dog door that the pet can hardly squeeze through. A small door can be replaced with a bigger one. Downsizing a big door can be difficult especially if the dealer would not agree to replace the unit. The dog owner would have to purchase another one.

The installation of this device though is an invitation to intruders. This piece of equipment can put the security of the home in jeopardy especially if precautions are not made to ensure that the house remains secure. Installation of dog doors can put the life of the pet in danger as well. Dogs are inclined to roam. If the yard is not well fenced it can get out into the road. A dog will follow an interesting sound and scent oblivious of the oncoming traffic. A special device will ensure that the security of the house is not breached. A sensor that opens the dog door is attached to the dog’s collar. This type of dog door would cost several times the price of a regular door but it will secure the house against thieves.

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