What should I feed my puppy?

While the puppy is still nursing it would get all the nutrients necessary for growth from its mother. Puppies will be seen nursing as often as every three hours. Frequent nursing is needed as the stomach is not large enough to hold the amount food for the pups’ daily requirements. At around 8 to 12 weeks of age, the puppy will be weaned and in most cases would be taken to a new home. “What is the best food that I should give my puppy?” “How often should I feed my new dog?” These are the most common questions of responsible new dog owners.

The many food choices available make the task of selecting the best food for the new pet even more confusing. From premium quality puppy foods to home cooked meals, from organic puppy food to BARF diet – these foods are all hyped to provide the nutritional needs of the puppy. If you are the puppy owner which one would you choose? Ideally, the first food you need to purchase for your pup is the same as the food used by the breeder. The diet that was introduced to the puppy must not be changed abruptly as it could result to digestive problems. Puppies have weak immune system thus diarrhea can be fatal. Should you decide to change the diet of the pet, you need to introduce the new food gradually.

Puppies have different feeding requirements. Due to the quick metabolism, puppies have different nutritional needs. A puppy’s diet should be of premium quality to provide the needs of the developing organs, to ensure healthy growth of muscles, bones and teeth and to maintain good coat quality. A well balanced diet would be necessary as well to provide the highly energetic puppy with energy. There is actually no perfect food for your puppy. In the same manner that dogs have different personalities, puppy would also have different nutritional needs. But generally, because puppies are in the fast developing stage, the puppy food has to be significantly higher in nutrients, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. The puppy food has to have additional amounts of calories as well. So how would you select the best food that will meet your puppy’s needs? The rule of thumb is to get the puppy food that will fit your puppy’s age and size. Basically, all premium quality foods would have the same nutritional content. But to be sure you can check the label. The food should have chicken, beef, lamb and other sources of protein as the main ingredient.

Dry puppy food is one of the best options for the type of food you can give your puppy. Dry puppy food will not only strengthen the jaw. It will also prevent the tartar buildup. Newly weaned puppies are not accustomed to complete dry food thus you need to moisten the kibble with a little water or mix a little amount of moist food. Canned and semi-moist foods can be given to the puppy as well. This type of puppy food is more expensive than dry food. Home cooked meals can be given to the pet as well. With home cooked meals though ensuring that the pet is getting a balanced diet would be difficult. It would be best to provide the puppy with commercially prepared diet. Fruits and vegetables can be added to the diet of the puppy too. Lastly, make sure that the water bowl of the puppy is always filled with fresh water.

The right amount of high quality diet will ensure the health of your new pet. The brand name puppy food may cost a little higher than generic puppy food but the cost will certainly not matter as long as the wellbeing of the pet is ensured.

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