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Dogs get sick. A pet parent can never be too careful. There will always be instances when an injury or a situation brings serious risks to the life of the pet. Knowledge and skill as well as a ready supply of essential medicines will not only reduce the pain suffered by the dog. Most importantly, knowing what to do and acting swiftly can save the life of the pet. The first thing you need to do is not to panic. The second is to call the vet to give advice that your injured dog is on the way. The third is to give the pet first aid treatment.

Millions of dogs die each year from illnesses and injuries rather than from old age. A lot of these deaths could have been prevented if only the pet owner has a basic knowledge of what to do and what first aid treatment must be administered. Undoubtedly, it is important to ensure that situations that put the life of the dog at risk are avoided. As these situations cannot be totally prevented it would be equally important to be prepared. Be familiar with the symptoms of common canine medical concerns. Know the emergency procedures necessary to help an injured pet.

First aid for dogs is not much different from first aid for humans. The first aid treatment is given to save the life of the pet, to ease the pain suffered by the pet and to prevent the situation from worsening. Dogs though cannot verbalize what hurts them. Dogs in pain are known to react differently from humans. The scared and confused pet can become unpredictable and dangerous.

The first rule in giving first aid to the pet is not to stay calm. The pet, no matter how gentle and well tempered may bite a person that is trying to help. A muzzle may be necessary. Take note that the dog can only be muzzled if it is not vomiting. Examine the dog gently. Check signs of breathing. There should be chest movement and breathing sound. If no breathing signs are noticed, the neck must be carefully checked to maintain the airway. The airway may be blocked with an object. This must be removed if possible. A seriously injured dog may bleed profusely. Bleeding can be controlled by putting direct pressure on the bleeding wound.

A first aid kit for the pet is as necessary as the beddings, the crate and the grooming tools. The first aid kit is one of the essentials when a puppy is taken home. Prepackaged dog first aid kits can be bought. You can also put a kit together preferably with the help of a vet. To be able to give the pet faster first aid treatment familiarization with the contents of the first aid kit is necessary.

Dogs are naturally inquisitive creatures. No pet owner would want to see the pet poisoned, electrocuted or hit by a car. A vet may not always be available and there may be no veterinary facility nearby. Basic first aid knowledge will prevent you from panicking to be able to administer the necessary emergency treatment needed by the pet.

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