What can you give a dog for diarrhea?

Dogs are much like people, sometimes they experience stomach upset. This can be uncomfortable for the dog and require messy clean up for you, the owner. Luckily, if you are sure that the dog has not gotten into anything poisonous such as chemicals or plants, there are some things that you can do from home to help your dog feel better. If you believe that your dog has gotten into a harmful substance you should not administer anything from home and you should immediately take your dog to the veterinarian, otherwise start by finding out why the dog is having diarrhea. A change in food, did it eat something it usually doesn’t – garbage, rotten food, table scraps, medicine, a medical condition, toxic substances etc.

If you suspect that the dog has ingested any toxic substance or unprescribed medicine contact a veterinary right away. Also make sure you get veterinary help if the diarrhea continues for more than 24 hours, if the stool is bloody or black and tarry, if the dog is both having diarrhea and vomiting or if it seems weak, depressed or has a fever. If none of these signs are present there is a good chance the diarrhea can be treated at home.

If the dog has acute diarrhea. Withholding food for 12-24 hours while making sure the dog has plenty of water will let the gastrointestinal tract relax and can solve resolve the problem. If the diarrhea continues even after the gastrointestinal tract has been emptied or if it is voluminous see a vet as it may be caused by a bacterial infection.

Feeding easily digestible meals is also a good option. Try cooked skinless chicken or cooked turkey, 100% pure canned pumpkin. You can serve either one or a mix as you please. If the diarrhea was caused by a change in diet try feeding the dog 3-4 small meals per day for 2 days. Be sure that you are feeding your dog the same type of food at each meal, as changing food or changing it rapidly can cause diarrhea in any dog. Then slowly change back to the dogs normal diet. Always make sure the dog has access to plenty of water. If the dog is not drinking enough water. Add a bit of chicken broth to the water to encourage drinking. If the diarrhea is not gone within 2-3 days you should bring the dog to a veterinarian.

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