What can I use for my dog’s dry skin?

The dog is biting, scratching and licking the fur like crazy. The owner would try to divert the dog’s attention with other things to stop the irritating behavior. But more than being irksome, the dog’s behavior has to be stopped as incessant scratching and biting can result to hair loss and raw bleeding skin. The condition allows the development of various skin concerns. Skin health problems are one of the common problems a dog owner has to deal with.

Being outdoor animals, dogs are constantly exposed to allergens and to other environmental factors that cause hair loss and itching. Dogs are hardy animals but they have a skin that is more sensitive than what we humans have. Dogs are prone to parasite infestations. These parasites that live on the hair follicles and on the surface of the skin are often blamed for the dog’s skin problems. However, the dog’s skin concern can be caused by other factors- dry skin is one.

Dogs usually develop dry skin during the winter months. Scratching, similar to barking and digging, is a natural behavior of dogs. However as the temperature begins to drop, the dog will be noticed to scratch, to bite and to lick the fur more excessively. The constant scratching will disturb the owner’s sleep and also disrupt the dog’s normal lifestyle. A bigger concern though would be the infection that can develop from the dog’s self mutilation. Dry skin that is scratch can result to the formation of bumps. Bacterial infection will cause the inflammation of the affected skin. The dog’s fur can have unsightly bald skin with oozing sores.

Does your dog have dry skin too? Infections associated with the dog’s dry skin would mar the appearance of the pet. Fortunately, the dog’s dry skin can be resolved easily. Medications and home remedies can get back the normally healthy skin of the dog in no time. But before any medications or remedies can be given to the pet, it would be necessary to verify the reasons behind the dog’s skin condition. Skin irritations that lead to dry skin can be caused by parasite infestation. A dog’s allergic reaction to flea bites and saliva will result to red swollen spots. Dogs can suffer from allergic reactions caused by the allergens in the environment. The pet can also be allergic to many types of foods. Dogs that are seldom groomed will suffer from dry skin. On the other hand, too much bathing can strip off the natural oils that moisturize the coat. Too frequent bathing, especially if human shampoos and soaps are used can result to dry skin. Dry skin is a condition that can occur in dogs given poor quality dog food.

Antihistamine medications can be given to the dog for the itchy skin. Anti-parasitic medications are readily available thus getting rid of the dog’s eternal parasites would be an easy task. A change in the dog’s diet to one that is nutritionally balanced would eliminate this skin condition. Good nutrition plays a vital role in the maintenance of the dog’s overall health. As mentioned, the dry skin of the dog usually develops during the cold months. It may be a good idea to limit the pet’s exposure outdoors. A humidifier at home would be a great help in the prevention of dry skin of the pet. Most dog owners would make use of home remedies to resolve the dry skin of the pet. Oatmeal salve made by mixing oatmeal with water and applied on the affected skin seems to work wonders as immediate results can be seen. A teaspoon of olive oil or canola oil canola oil can be added to the dog’s food everyday for about a week. One thing important dog owners have to remember is to refrain from bathing the dog frequently as this is one great contributor to the development of dry skin.

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