What can I give my dog for allergies?

When the spring comes around, humans aren’t the only ones that contract allergies. Dogs can get them just as easily so don’t let your dog suffer with you, do something about it.

Seeing your dog scratch and itch itself to blood is no fun. It leads to sores that could in turn become infected. If the allergies are really bad, they could even start havinf thair fall out, leaving bald, sore spots in the irritated regions.

There are many options available to treat allergies. These include antihistamines, steroids, antibiotics (for infections) and immunotheraphy. Immunotheraphy prevents the development of allergies, but can be quite expensive and it takes a long time before you see the full effects. Always consult a veterinarian before treating your dog with any kind of medication.

If you don’t want to immediately jump to pills, because we all know how difficult it can be to make animals eat them, there are few little things you can do to try and clear up your dog’s nasal passages.

The first thing is to bathe him or her regularly. Since the dog’s fur is a natural magnet for all things small, he or she is going to pick up every single dandelion seed, piece of hay, and particle of dust that they pass by. By washing your dog, it removes all of these little particles and that could help your dog rest easier. Also, it will remove any extra fur that has accumulated over the past few days which could cause more pets in your house to have an allergic reactions.

If your dog has fleas, it can be expensive to get them removed and necessary if your dog is extremely allergic. Just repeat the process above except this time use a hypo-allergenic flea shampoo which only costs a few dollars and bathe them regularly once or twice every two weeks or so. This will remove the menace from its source. Another option to look into is using a flea bomb to remove fleas from your house. Go out for a picnic while you do it and take your dog with you. By the time you get back (maybe a bit longer) everything should have cleared up.

Another great way to get rid of fleas is to use an anti-flea & tick dip. That’ll kill them right away even if it costs a little bit more. It certainly does save time though.

Dogs can also be allergic to certain components in their food. The best way to manage food allergies is simply to change their diet. There are plenty of hypoallergenic food types available.

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