What are some causes for a dog to drool?

We know that dogs drool. Some dog breeds drool more than others. We also know that dog’s saliva has the important role of lubricating the mouth, softening the food and aiding in the digestion of foods. But let’s face it. Although we love our dogs, we can’t help but be repulsed by the drool of the dog. Why do dogs drool? Are there ways by which we can reduce the yucky saliva that comes out of the dog’s mouth to wet the couch and the carpet – the cold saliva that laves your face whenever the dog has decided to greet you with a sloppy kiss?

If you hate dog drool, you better stir away from Basset Hounds, Newfoundlands, Bullmastiff and Saint Bernard. These are only some of the dog breeds that drool excessive. For these dogs, drooling is normal because of the structure of the mouth. The loose skin around the jaw allows drool to leak. If you have a drooling dog you better keep towels handy. If you do not want to keep on washing towels it would be a good idea to have wads of paper towels ready. Or you can tie a bib on your dog. Aside from keeping the fur drool free, a colorful bib would enhance the handsome appearance of your pet. Giving the dog a chew toy will reduce the amount of drool on your couch or on your carpet as the chewing motion will encourage the dog to swallow the saliva more frequently. Humans would salivate when the aroma of delicious food is smelled. The sight of your favorite food will make your mouth water. Dogs are food motivated and excessive drooling can be triggered by the sight and smell of food.

A “dry” dog that suddenly turned into a heavy drooler is a cause for concern. Something must have triggered the excessive production of saliva. This kind of drooling is commonly a manifestation of a health concern. A dog owner has to know the causes why the dog drools excessively. If the change in the drooling pattern of the pet is accompanied by scratching at the mouth or by head shaking as if the pet is trying to dislodge something, excessive slobber can be caused by a foreign object in the dog’s mouth. The furniture leg the dog had been gnawing may have splintered and a sliver was embedded in the gums or in the roof of the mouth. A small stone, a piece of string or a bone may be stuck between the teeth. These objects can make the dog drool excessively. Dental and gum diseases can be the reasons for the dog’s drooling. Aside from the slobber, the dog will have bad breath as well.

Has the dog travelled by car? Similar to humans that suffers from nausea associated with motion sickness, dogs too will slobber and feel like vomiting if the motion upsets the stomach. The mentioned causes for the dog’s drooling should not be made a concern. After the foreign object is removed from the mouth and after treatments for the dental and gum disease are administered, the dog’s excessive drooling will be over. Drooling though can be due to more serious and even life threatening reasons. Poisoning is one of the reasons for the dog’s abnormal slobbering. Dogs are susceptible to poisoning given their habit of putting anything in their mouth. Excessive drooling is one of the symptoms of bloat or gastric dilatation volvulus. The dog would drool excessively when the twisting of the stomach traps air and the contents of the stomach. Liver disease, urinary tract infection and ear infection are other causes for the dog’s abnormal drooling. Rabies is probably the scariest and the most serious cause for the dog’s excessive drooling.

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