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Union Plus Pet Insurance Review

unionplusPet health insurance has become more and more popular as more pet owners recognize the rising cost of health care for their pets as well as the potential for an unexpected illness or accident. The timing of accidents and illnesses can also make giving your pet the best care cost prohibitive. The cost of providing health care in an emergency for your pet can only rise in the future and may very well have reached a level that makes pet health insurance a must for any pet owner. Furthermore, the market has expanded to provide many different policies and plans that can be shaped to fit your particular pet’s needs.

Finding Discounts Helps Make Insurance Affordable

Many companies, organizations and associations offer discounted services and products to their members as benefits of joining their groups. Union Plus offers such a deal on the purchase of pet insurance. For example, they offer a 10% discount on the cost of pet insurance to members of the Union. They list several of the features of the plans they offer, including 5-day reimbursement, 24/7 online claims processing, with all forms available. The provider can be any licensed veterinarian or service provider. The main purpose of the coverage is to cover unexpected accidents and injuries, but the details matter and are not clear until you begin the process of getting a quote. Most policies allow you to choose the level of coverage (70%-90% is standard) and the level of deductible you want to set.

Choosing an Appropriate Level of Coverage

Pet insurance is a broad field with many providers and the plans vary based on their base cost, deductibles, coverage and reimbursement processes. Given the emotional investment most pet owners have in their pets overall health and wellbeing, acquiring low cost pet health insurance that covers at least catastrophic injuries and accidents seems like a prudent decision. The basic principles that you apply to your own health care concerns are mostly applicable to your pet’s insurance needs as well. The cost of coverage, the breadth of coverage, the out of pocket expense and deductibles (be they incident by incident or annual) are all relevant considerations.

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