Tractive Vs Whistle Pet Tracker

Tractive Vs Whistle Pet Tracker – A Detailed Comparison

Many people who want to improve their pet tracking are keen to find the best tracker for dogs or cats. That is why here we have analyzed Tractive vs Whistle. Each of these devices provides excellent features to its owner.

Live tracking, activity tracking throughout the same day, durable structure, waterproofness, long battery life, and other good features are included here. To learn more about each of these two devices, we recommend reading on.

Our Suggestion:

After hours of research, we able to pick our winner and that is Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker because of it’s multiple features. Tractive’s range is up to 4 kilometres in open terrain. The tracking tool calculates your dog’s location every 5 seconds allowing you to follow its movements at all times.

Tractive Pet Tracker Review

There are many devices to track the activity of a dog. Among all of them, this device can be of great help for dogs that need to be followed at all times. For this, we should mention exactly what this device is all about.

What is Tractive?

This tool is a real-time location tracking device. Through a web interface or a smartphone application, you can know a dog’s location at all times.

In fact, through data transfer with gsm or a GPS device, you can know the dog’s location and track it efficiently. It would be best if you had a monthly subscription due to the features you get with this device. 

Tracking a dog can be very easy by implementing this LTE GPS device. For this, it is necessary to mention each of its features that users will implement in no time.

Live to Track

Pet owners can perform live tracking as well as location history. On the one hand, people can access through a computer or smartphone maps of their area. Along with that, a pet’s location can be known no matter how far away it is.

While a monthly subscription is required, the truth is that this is a great advantage as there is no limit when it comes to getting efficient tracking of a dog or cat. Along with this, you can also get a location history to know the exact time a pet has been in a particular place.

Virtual Perimeters

This device offers the possibility of creating virtual perimeters or fences for a pet’s greater security. In this way, people can establish a virtual wall through maps on smartphones or computers. It is a straightforward way to develop a safe area in which pets can move.

As if that were not enough, a notification will come to the user the moment a pet trespasses the virtual fence that has been set up. This simple feature lets pet owners know when they decide to cross the boundaries. In other words, it is more security for each of our pets.

Complete Tracking

People can know the exact location of their pets at any time. This device also provides other valuable data such as calories burned, rest or activity time implemented by each pet. It is an essential set of data for those who want to optimize their pets’ health.

Even this device facilitates the task of improving the health of any pet. For that, the pet owner can set specific fitness goals. Accomplishing each of these goals will allow a pet to have a healthier and stronger body.

Lightweight and Easy to Use Structure

This GPS device’s compact and lightweight design avoids putting too much weight on a dog’s neck. As if that were not enough, it is also an excellent choice for high durability thanks to its waterproof structure. So dogs can have fun in a forest or swim in a lake without causing any damage or harm to the GPS tracking device.

Additional Features:

This GPS tracker is available in more than 150 countries around the world. Simultaneously, the tractive GPS application used together with this device is entirely free of charge.

A large number of Android and iOS devices will be able to access this application and any browser on a computer. Different subscription plans can be adapted to the financial capabilities of each family. 


  • Waterproof structure and good durability.
  • Excellent tracking of a pet’s activity
  • Virtual fences or perimeters can be created


  • Subscription plan required

Whistle Pet Activity Tracker Review

There is no single tracking device that people can choose to improve their pets’ quality of life and protection. This device also can offer excellent features that are very easy to use.

What is Whistle?

It is a health and location tracker for all types of very easy to use. This device allows you to know the location of a pet in real-time and at any time. 

It can also monitor different aspects of a pet’s health. In this way, improving a dog’s health or a cat will be much easier than before. In other words, this device allows improving the quality of life of a pet by providing the appropriate data for it.

Each of the features and advantages offered by this device may be suitable for most dogs and cats. In any case, these aspects should be considered to make a good decision.

Notifications and Alerts

The user will have the possibility to establish security perimeters so that a pet can move freely. As soon as a pet crosses a safe zone set by the owner, notifications and alerts will be sent. Reports can come through applying this device, in the form of text messages or through an email.

In this way, a pet owner will know the exact moment when the dog or cat has crossed the security zones. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best advantages to provide a pet with the security it needs.

Live to Track

Here again, this is a device that provides live location tracking to know a pet’s location in real-time and at any time. Google maps and AT&T’s nationwide network are used for this purpose. A dog’s location can be established quickly and in very few seconds.

The best part of this is that the dog’s location can be known instantly regardless of the distance to the owner. If a dog is more than 4000 miles away or just across the street, the owner will be able to know the location of their pet for the safety of both of them.

Location History

This device provides the possibility of knowing the location history of a dog and the activities it has performed throughout the day. In this sense, a 24-hour chronology is obtained to understand better the day your pet has had.

It means that you can know if a dog has taken a nap if it has walked, played, if it has been running, or if it has done any other type of activity. It is thanks to the intelligent activity detection that has been built into this device.

Health Monitoring

Just as you can monitor a pet’s activity, you can also know some essential health aspects. Various reports will be available for owners to analyze a pet’s sleep, scratching, or licking, among other factors. In this way, a pet’s quality of life can be optimized more easily.

Durability and Lifespan

The lifespan of this device is one of the most remarkable aspects. The structure of this device is resistant to shocks. For this purpose, a nylon collar with a secure and appropriate mount has been used. It prevents this device from deteriorating quickly and provides an extended lifespan.

A subscription would also be required to use this device, which may vary depending on the service and time chosen. A veterinarian is also available via chat, email, or telephone. This service is available along with the Whistle subscription and provides excellent advice and guidance for the dogs’ best comfort.


  • Excellent activity and health monitoring
  • Battery life greater than ten days
  • Highly efficient live tracking


  • Lighter weight and other options

Tractive Vs Whistle Pet Tracker – Which Is Best?

Tractive Vs Whistle Pet Tracker

Making a final decision can be a bit difficult for those people who do not take into consideration some essential aspects. The following elements help choose the best option based on your dog’s needs.

  • Subscription plans: When it comes to saving money on the subscription plan, the Tractive device is more suitable. Every month, you can spend half of the budget needed for Whistle. However, the latter option offers other additional services, such as professional veterinarians available to each user.
  • The durability of the structure: When it comes to the system, we can mention that Tractive is waterproof and has excellent resistance to all factors. However, Whistle has a much lighter and more suitable weight to provide each dog with more efficient mobility.
  • Battery life: Whistle can provide more than ten days of use on a single battery charge. On the other hand, Tractive offers up to 5 days of usage time on a single battery charge.
  • Activity tracking and monitoring: In terms of tracking and monitoring each dog’s activity, both devices provide a poor result in real-time. They can even each set up a history of each dog’s training to keep a closer eye on their health.

Frequantly Asked Questions

  • How accurate is the Tractive tracker?

This device is as accurate as the best GPS technology available today. In perfect conditions, it offers an average accuracy of 7.8 m.

  • Which dog tracking system is the best?

For excellent features and an inexpensive subscription plan, Tractive is the best choice. Whistle offers fantastic options and a more expensive subscription plan but also incorporates the possibility of having a professional veterinarian on hand at all times.

  • Can a tracker be wrong?

A tracker could be wrong when it does not have access to at least four satellites to provide a location’s high accuracy.

  • How accurate is whistle 3?

The average accuracy of this device is between 10 and 15 feet. 


After comparing Tractive vs Whistle, we can determine that both options have the versatility to offer excellent features. Either one of them can be the best suited to keep you completely safe and protected from any pet. By implementing these devices, owners will have peace of mind and improve the quality of life for their dogs or cats.

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