Things To Consider Before Buying Pet Insurance For Dogs

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Things To Consider Before Buying Pet Insurance For Dogs

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Things To Consider Before Buying Pet Insurance For Dogs

Finding pet insurance for dogs is super simple because virtually ALL pet insurance companies have insurance plans for dogs. What you need to ask yourself is not “Can you get it?” but do YOU need pet insurance for your canine friend?

Buying pet insurance for dogs is a gamble just as all insurance is. You’re betting your dog will need it and the pet health insurance company is setting the odds that they won’t. They do this by setting limits based on breed, age and type of conditions covered by the pet policy.

Things To Consider Before Buying Pet Insurance For Dogs

Pet Insurance vs Savings account?If you’re the kind of person who is disciplined and can easily save money perhaps pet dog insurance isn’t a good buy. Putting aside money each week/month for your veterinary expenses when they arise could be best for you. But if you’re like me and find you never seem to have enough ready cash when a crisis strikes then dog health insurance can really save the day.

Does the pet insurance company use a network or provider list?

Most people don’t know that pet insurance isn’t health insurance at all but a specialized form of property insurance. Because of this it is usable with virtually ANY licensed vet in the country the insurance policy is issued. Sometimes even with veterinary offices abroad as well.

What are the exclusions?

This is a biggie. Virtually all pre-existing conditions will be excluded. Also, many genetic or extreme conditions such as cancer won’t be covered depending on your company and policy. Depending on the breed or age of your dog you could be denied coverage or at the very least charged higher premiums. Be absolutely sure you ask about specifics for your type of dog before you buy.

Does the company apply a “schedule” after deductible or pay a flat percentage?

Very important to know how your reimbursable amount will be calculated. Schedules are much easier and straight forward for the dog owner to understand. With them you will KNOW before you agree to a procedure how much if any will be reimbursed. If your pet insurance company pays a percentage be sure to ask how the percentage is calculated.

What are the deductibles and the co-pay?

The deductible is the amount you have to pay out of pocket before the pet health company will begin to reimburse you. This is something you can negotiate with them when shopping around. Find out if it’s a per year or per condition deductible. If per year is there also a per condition co-pay?

What are the “incident,” annual, or lifetime caps?

How much will your pet policy pay out overall. Are there incident caps, annual caps in addition to the lifetime cap on the plan? The fine print that catches most people here is with chronic but manageable conditions like diabetes. Will your pet plan continue to pay for treatments after the initial year or will it then be considered a “pre-existing condition” and reimbursement stop? Be sure to ASK!

What are any other benefits and savings?

Most companies the sell pet insurance for dogs offer many types of discount. For example multiple pet discounts are very common as are discounts for some breeds of dog. Always ask when shopping for quotes.

Bottom line? Whether to buy pet insurance for dogs is a decision that each person must make based on their own unique situation. If you do feel the need to purchase a pet health plan be sure to read all the fine print before you buy. That way you won’t be surprised and upset when you need to use your pet plan.Return from “Pet Insurance For Dogs”
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