How to Stop Your Dog From Peeing in the Crate?

How to Stop Your Dog From Peeing in the Crate?

When dogs are puppies this can be an excellent way to allow them to go to the bathroom. However, some dogs may continue to grow and continue to maintain this type of bad behavior.

So here we consider a certain procedure to avoid this type of behavior. This is a very important set of items to implement in any dog case.

Why does a Dog Pee in the Crate?

There are many reasons why a dog may pee in its crate. All of these reasons can be a bit confusing when a dog’s entire behavior is not properly analyzed. Some of the reasons why dogs have this misbehavior may be the following:

  • Health problems
  • Too large a crate
  • Bad behavior
  • Puppy behavior
  • Anxiety or stress
  • Lack of maturity

How to Stop Your Dog From Peeing in the Crate?

How to Stop Your Dog From Peeing in the Crate?

Some changes can be implemented to prevent this type of behavior in dogs. The following steps can be very helpful in assisting in this task. 

1. Medical Problems

The first thing to consider is that dogs may be suffering from a health problem. Especially when this occurs in adult dogs the animal could be suffering from some type of canine urinary tract infection.

So before going to a veterinarian it is necessary to take note of the following aspects:

  • Frequency of the dog’s urine in the crate
  • Odd or unusual odors
  • Dark-colored urine including blood
  • Daily feeding of the dog
  • Medications or supplements the dog is taking

For a much more complete check-up, any veterinarian would consider all of these aspects. So taking these aspects into account avoids wasting time on it. 

2. Size of Crate

A crate is no more suitable as it is much larger. Dogs prefer to urinate in a crate when it is too large a space for it. Here there may be more than enough room for one space to have been used for urinating and another for sleeping. So incorporating the most appropriate crate size will prevent a dog from feeling too comfortable to urinate inside.

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3. Consider Longer BathroomBreaks

Small dogs and puppies have small bladders and therefore require frequent bathing. Urine containment for a 6-month-old puppy is only about 6 hours. However, it is also recommended to incorporate training to modify inappropriate behavior.

4. Consider Size

Of course, larger dogs have larger bodies and this allows them to hold urine for much longer. So small dogs need frequent bathing so they do not urinate into a crate. Any way this can be a great opportunity for a dog to develop good behavior every time he needs to urinate.

5. Incorporate Treats

A treat is a positive reinforcement given to dogs to encourage certain behavior. Giving a dog a treat after they urinate in the right place is very important. Undoubtedly this will let them know that they are doing a good deed so it will be much easier for them to repeat it every time.

6. Incorporate Cameras

Incorporating fixed or mobile cameras for your dog can be an excellent way to monitor all their behavior. This allows you to detect the bad behaviors they have out of sight of their owners. To develop better and more acceptable behavior, cameras provide eyes where owners cannot see.

Should I Put a Pee Pad in the Crate?

Most experts do not recommend implementing urine pads in the cage today. It only encourages this behavior and is also very dangerous. Puppies will start chewing and chewing on the pads containing urine. 

So, sooner or later this urine will be inside their bodies producing some health problems. In turn, it will be much more difficult for them to change their behavior once they are adults and should no longer urinate in the cage. 

What Smell will Stop Dogs from Peeing?

One of the most common options for deterring dogs and these types of inappropriate behaviors is vinegar. All that is required is to spray or pour a little vinegar over the area where dogs choose to urinate.

These are very effective because dogs have a great sense of smell and in turn hate the smell of vinegar. There are other efficient scents as follows.

The best citrus-scented essential oils are:

  • Citronella
  • Orange
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lime

The key to this is to mix any of these essential oils with a citrus scent and some vinegar. This solution will not be too unpleasant for humans and will be enough to deter dogs and their urge to pee in the wrong place. 

What Can I Spray on the Floor to Stop the Dog From Peeing?

When it comes to spraying the carpet chosen by dogs to urinate on, there are a variety of solutions. People can create a simple solution by mixing equal parts of water and white vinegar. After shaking this solution, simply spray it all over the area of the carpet that is usually urinated on by dogs.

However, other ingredients can also be incorporated into the white vinegar and water formula. Incorporating some pleasant scent can keep this solution from being too strong to even bother a dog owner.

How Do You Get a Puppy to Stop Peeing in the House?

There are several quick and easy tips to implement when dogs are puppies. 

  • Allow them to urinate outside the home as often as necessary since they have no urine retention
  • Establish an exact routine for them to go outside to urinate
  • Eliminate urine inside the house to prevent them from thinking it is the bathroom
  • Remove any urine pads that are inside the house
  • Control the puppy’s behavior when it is time to urinate
  • Be consistent and patient to implement a certain routine


Undoubtedly, puppies can be very comfortable urinating in a crate or a certain space within the home. However, this comfort can change with a proper routine. They love routines and will feel very comfortable after learning that they must urinate outside the home. So hard training will pay off and owners will enjoy a cleaner home.

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