SpotOn Wireless Dog Fence & GPS Collar Review

SpotOn Wireless Dog Fence & GPS Collar Review

The safest way to keep a dog safe and protected is to have a wireless fence system and a GPS collar. However, not all options on the market are usually too reliable and safe to use. Here it is only necessary to have the complements and accessories of high quality.

After all, it’s all about the protection and safety of your dog. That’s why we analyze below this highly efficient system that offers great advantages to users. So, if you want to keep your dog safe and protected, we recommend you continue reading.

SpotOn Wireless Dog Fence & GPS Collar Review

One of the best ways to keep a pet safe and protected is to have this GPS collar and fence system. It is one of the most popular systems these days due to its wide variety of features.

So, those who have an adequate budget can opt for this great implementation for the welfare of each pet.

Complete System

SpotOn Wireless Dog Fence & GPS Collar Review

In principle, it is necessary to consider that a large number of accessories are included for a more formidable and safe operation. That is why the 50 training flags, two sets of static contact points, the insertion tool, and the static contact point tester are included along with other accessories. All this will allow the user to have a safe area for their dog.

Additionally, this system is completely customizable and adapts to the needs of each user. On the one hand, it is possible to create safe areas with the most appropriate shape for a certain specific location. Of course, this avoids creating only circular areas. Also, the range of operation is adapted to the specific size of a certain area.

That is why by using this system the user can create a safe area of 0.5 acres up to the incredible amount of 1000 acres. Even this can be highly convenient when more than one dog must be cared for. At the same time, the dogs will have the possibility to play, have fun, or explore in a large area so that they do not get bored at any time.

Very Convenient Connectivity

On the other hand, it is necessary to consider that the connectivity of this system is highly convenient and facilitates the use at any time. Here too, map management has been incorporated that is very simple and can be visualized from a smartphone. In this way, you can know at all times where your dog is.

In case your dog moves away from the safe area you will have the possibility to receive a notification on your smartphone. In this case, it is an escape notification that will allow you to alert the owner of the dog at the most appropriate time. Also, status updates have been incorporated that allow you to monitor where your dog is at all times.

On top of that, all these features can be available in your own home or anywhere else. For this purpose, a whole system has been developed with a portable design. Therefore, it is possible to use this system in another house if you move or on a trip. Even if it is a field day this system can be present to continue caring for your pet. 

Time of Use

When a user begins to use this system he has the possibility of obtaining up to 24 hours of containment. So, it is a great amount of time for your pet to enjoy a large area for a long time. Additionally, a single one-hour battery charge provides 8 hours of monitoring for this set of devices.

Of course, this is a high-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery. In principle, this is highly useful as it avoids constant battery recharging over a whole day. Also, the user can be notified in case of a low battery. Therefore, this is one of the most innovative and intelligent designs that can be acquired in the market today.

Waterproof Collar

Finally, it is necessary to consider that the device that carries your dog is waterproof. That is why your pet will have the possibility to play freely so as not to worry about rain or water.

Each one of these characteristics will be more than enough to keep your dog safe and protected. Besides, the collar has a small screen that indicates the owner’s phone number and the dog’s name. This provides even more protection in case your dog goes too far.


  • High capacity rechargeable battery
  • Fences that can be fully customized
  • Notifications and updates on a smartphone


  • Unstimulated dog collar

Do We Recommend This Fence?

We can recommend using this GPS dog fence and collar system to all those people who are concerned about the protection and safety of their pets. By using this system, dogs can be kept within the same area to avoid getting too far away and getting lost. It is even a perfect complement for large camps and camping days.

Additionally, we recommend measuring the circumference of the dog’s neck to know exactly the size of the collar you need. This way, the dog will be able to enjoy and explore more comfortably without worrying about the discomfort of the collar. Either way, it is a system that is perfect and adapts to both small and large breeds of dogs.

Whether it is a day to enjoy or training, this system is one of the most suitable today. In fact, by using this accessory your dog’s training will be much more efficient. In this case, your dog will be able to learn more completely. At the same time, dogs that are too stressed will not get lost on the horizon.

Final Words:

When your dog starts using this SpotOn Wireless Dog Fence and GPS Collar, safety can be greatly increased. Of course, this prevents your dog from getting lost when it is playing or exploring in too large an area. Also, each user will feel more comfortable and at ease while your dog enjoys himself.

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