Sportdog 425 Vs 425s Dog Fence Review

Having a good dog fence in the house is a great thing for the security and safety of your dog. Today we are going to discuss two important and famous dog fences of SportDog Brand. You can see a healthy competition between Sportdog 425 Vs 425s reviews.

Let’s take an important example, that you want to leave your house within a few minutes and what you gonna do with your dog. You don’t leave him without any person in the house alone. At that moment, a wireless dog fence helps you.

Long story short, you can make a quick setup of a good fence and leave the house for a few days without any problem.

SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System Review

Talking about a brand or specific product we consider a lot of things before buying or using it. if you did not know about it first then the first thing that came to your mind. What it’s an actual price? is it good or bad? what is the quality? All of that stuff moving around in our minds.

Let’s talk about SportDOG Brand, I am using their dog fence for one year and the quality is pure magic for me.  They are producing the cheapest dog fence right now in the market.

What I like the most about SportDOG Brand that they provide us complete support. They provide us complete accessories required to set up a dog fence. They provide us a complete training system, which makes things easier.

Sportdog 425 Vs 425s

Now let’s talk about the Sportdog 425 Vs 425s dog fences. These are the two best fences system you see in the market. But that’s not the only thing matter. You should, in fact, you want to know about their features, working, and pros, cons.

SportDOG Brand 425 Family Remote Trainers

The Sportdog 425 is their first launch in the series and the success that it got no other fence got. They especially make Sportdog 425 for 500 yards. Yes, you read you can use this dog fence for 500 yards. This is pretty cool for your dog and he does not realize that he is in a barrier.

SportDog 425


  • Waterproof: It means that you can use it in the bad weather for your dog. It doesn’t damage the water.
  • Rechargeable Dog Training Collars with Shock: This is the best feature of this fence, You can easily recharge the collars within a time.
  • Remote Transmitter: The Remote Transmitter allows you to set up a decent frequency for shock, which has 7 levels from o to 7.
  • Batteries: You got lithium-ion batteries which you can charge within 2 houses. And you got two batteries in this package. The 50-70 hours per charge is up time for one battery. Which is incredible.
  • Waterproof
  • Training System
  • Good Batteries
  • Rechargeable Dog Training Collars
  • 500 Yards Long Range
  • None

SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 425S Stubborn Dog Remote Trainer

We have our second pick which is SportDog 425S. The quality of this fence is also great and you notice that the features also the same. Actually, it is a series of SportDog Brand which you can follow. The first one is SportDog 425 and the second is the SportDog 425S.

SportDog 425S


  • You got the best range in SportDOG Brand 425s because it provides you 500 Yards coverage. The more you get coverage the more your dog feels dog.
  • SportDOG 425s has a perfect shock limit which you can maintain from low to high. You can set it according to the situation.
  • SportDog 425s Supports training up to 3 dogs easily.
  • It is the perfect pick for dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 5″ – 22″
  • Perfect Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Waterproof & Shock Maintenance
  • Supports training up to 3 dogs
  • Good Batteries
  • Rechargeable Dog Training Collars
  • 500 Yards Long Range
  • None

SportDog Accessories For SD-425 & SD-425S Fences

You can replace the parts of dog fence easily. Before we get into it let’s take a moment and appreciate best smart dog collars for your dog saftey.

Charger & Battery

What I love the most, we can easily replace the parts of our Sportdog 425 fence. No doubt, sometimes things are damage like a battery pack and charge then we not through away our whole setup the fence system. We can replace it.

The sport dog brand gives us the option to replace the charger and battery of any of their fence systems.


This is the best series for all of us in the case of the best dog fence in 2019. I did a complete comparison in front of you of Sportdog 425 Vs 425s. If you Still looking for my suggestion then I pick Sportdog 425s because it has more features than others. So, Good luck.

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