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Smooth Fox Terrier

The Smooth Fox Terrier has been known for being along the lines of the Wire Fox Terrier. However they maybe close, but are of different breeds. The Smooth Fox Terrier is a wonderful dog to have as a family pet. They are very loyal and make a great companion for their master and their family.

This Terrier is very smart and you can teach them almost any kind of tricks. They do know right from wrong. Always make sure to have these little explorers on a leash or in a fenced in area. You will want to cement in any area you have fenced in because these little dogs love to dig and will dig themselves out of the fenced in area.

These little Terriers are wonderful with children. They will play with them for hours without a problem. Make sure to watch these little ones with other dogs around because they can have the tendency of chasing them. Weather the animal is big or small they will take on the challenge.

These little Terriers are so adorable, with their short hair coats that look white with dark markings. Their small deep set and dark eyes give off a loving and sweet expression. Once having this dog around you will be in love with them forever!


The Smooth Fox Terrier is a very smart and stylish looking dog. They have ears that fold forward and make a V shape fold. Their tail is docked to ¼ length of their normal size and stands high on the dog. This dog was made to have weapons of attack such as their strong and powerful jaws, their well-developed and strong teeth, their physical strength, and most of all their courage. Their eyes are small, set deep, and are dark in color. Their neck is solid and well built. Along with their eyes, they also have a dark colored nose. Their body is well compacted with a lot of power. So do not let their size fool you. Their legs are short and well portioned with strength.

Their fur coat is smooth, hard, and flat just like their name says. The Smooth Fox Terrier is mostly white with dark markings in different areas on their body. You may see red, brindle, or liver color markings as well.

The height on the Smooth Fox Terrier for the males is between 14 inches to 16 inches high and the females range between 13 inches to 15 inches high. The weight for the males is between 15 pounds to 20 pounds and the females range between 13 pounds to 18 pounds in weight. As you can see, the females are slightly smaller than the males are. So keep it in mind when buying one of these little critters that the females are going to be smaller.


This Smooth Fox Terrier is a very energetic dog that is really playful when it comes to being around children. This little Terrier loves to be around the family and if they become jealous then they will be sure to show you. This little one is great when it comes to learning new tricks. It is well known of this breed to be loyal and devoted to their owners. When this Fox Terrier is low on attention and exercise, they can become destructive around the house. You will want to watch them around other pets in the house no matter if small or big they have been known to pick fights with another animal. If they are socialized with other pets in the household when young then they will be fine. Make sure, when the dog it outside they are on a leash because of the fact that they like to take off and run after things outside. This dog makes a wonderful watchdog but their high-pitched voice can annoy neighbors.

The Smooth Fox Terrier is a wonderful dog for apartment life. They can do without a yard, but if given the chance then they can romp around as long as they are leashed or in an enclosed area outside.


When it comes to this dogs coat, it is pretty simple to take maintain. Brushing every once in awhile will help get rid of dead hair. Simply brush then with a firm bristle brush and bathe them only when needed. This dog is your average shedder.

For exercise with this dog, it is noting more than a walk everyday or letting them outside to romp around. Always make sure their in an enclosed area or on a leash because they like to explore and wonder off. They can stand almost any climate but like to live indoors with their family.


In England around the 18th century was about the first time this dog was recognized in the world. There was a painting in 1790’s, which was painted by Colonel Thornton of his dog named Pitch. This was the first time there was any type of recognition to the Smooth Fox Terrier.

It has been said that the Smooth Fox Terrier and the Wire Fox Terrier is thought to be different varieties of the same breed. They developed however along different lines. The Smooth Fox Terrier is said to be from the lines of the Smooth Coated Black and Tan Terrier, the Greyhound, Beagle and the Bull Terrier.

The Smooth Fox Terrier was not only known for getting rid of rodents and other pests, but they were also used as a fox bolter. They would go along with the Foxhound pack where they would bolt after the fox scaring them away from their hole. When using this breed for this line of work it was best to use the dogs with white coats. This was to help them define them from the fox when it was dark.

The Smooth Fox Terrier entered the show dog ring about twenty years before the Wire Fox Terrier. The Smooth and Wire Fox Terriers were first seen by the American Kennel Club in 1885. Most other dog clubs showed these two Terriers as different breeds, however, the American Kennel Club did not start showing them as different breeds until 1985.

Today, the Smooth Fox Terrier is known mainly for being a wonderful and loyal companion dog for their owners and family. They are still known for their hunting ability of the fox and other rodents that may be around the yard. You might even see them go after rodents in your yard whether they are big or small. This is because of the courage they have.

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