Skye Terrier

The Skye terrier is one of the most wonderful dogs of all the terriers. The Skye is one of the favored terriers to own as a pet, since they are very sweet and loving to the point that they will be there forever in your life. They will give you love and attention, however, they will want the same in return from their master and family. They love attention and love being loved by their master and family.

Skye Terriers are great with children as long as the children are patient and understanding with the dog. No rough play should be around these dogs because they are known to get a bit aggressive around kids. They can also be the same way with other small pets around. They do have a tendency for chasing small animals around the house or outside because they are known for hunting vermin throughout their history.

The Skye Terrier can be seen in dog shows showing off their stuff. These are very beautiful dogs with their gorgeous fur coats and their adorable drop ears or prick ears. Their eyes give off that warm, loving affection that they have. When going out and wanting to get your own you will fall completely in love with this dog. From just looking at them and playing with them, they will steal your heart in no time.


The Skye Terrier is a pleasing to the eye kind of dog. Their body length should be twice of what it is in height. They have a black nose with dark brown eyes that are round. The ears on the Skye Terrier are either pricked or dropped. Prick ears are placed high on the head and have an erect outside. Drop ears hang down low on the side of their head. Their tail is covered with hair and is straight while their tail should never curl. Their feet are covered with hair and are long and large. Their feet should point straight forward. Their teeth will form a scissors bite.

The undercoat of the Skye terrier is soft while the 6 inch long outer coat is straight and hard. Their fur parts down the middle of their back. The Skye Terrier can be found in colors of gray blue, black, silver, fawn, dove, or a cream color and no matter what they will have black ears. You may also see a small patch of white on their chest. The hair on their head protects them like a shield for their eyes and is also on their forehead.

The height for the Skye Terrier is 10 inches high. The weight for the males ranges between 35 pounds to 40 pounds. The female’s weight will range between 25 pounds to 30 pounds. Keep in mind that the females are a few inches and a few pounds smaller than the males will be. So make sure to keep that in mind when buying a male or female.


The Skye Terrier is one dog that is very affectionate, loving, and good-natured. These little Terriers are fun, playful, and can be serious when they have to be. To keep these Terriers happy is to make sure to they lots of attention. When these breeds are pups, you will want to make sure to socialize them well so they are not seriously bad around strangers. These Terriers do not like to be touched by strangers they have a tendency to bite them if they sense danger around them. When owning a Skye Terrier you will want to watch them around other small animals because they do like to chase them and can be somewhat dog aggressive with them. These little dogs do like to bark.

The Skye Terrier is active indoors so they can do with out a yard. If given the space for them to run around outside and play then they will be happy. These little dogs make a great pet for living in an apartment.


With the Skye terrier, you will need to watch their fur coat for mats. The best thing is to frequently brush their coat to keep any mats or knots out, which can irritate the skin. When the Terrier is a puppy, their coat is different from when they are an adult. It will take a few years for the coat to fully develop. This Terrier is your average shedder. Little exercise is required for this dog, but small walks every once in awhile will be fine for the Skye Terrier. When bathing the dog, do not do it more than once a week. Make sure to keep the hair around the eyes and mouth clean along with the ears.


The one thing with the Skye Terrier is that it is related to a shipwreck. Back in the 1600’s a Spanish ship hit against a bunch rocks of the island Skye in the Scottish Hebrides. Upon that ship were some Maltese dogs that started mating with the local terriers and next thing they all knew came the Skye Terriers.

The Skye Terrier is known as one of the oldest breeds of Terriers in the British community. Over 400 years ago, this breed was first bred over in Scotland. So now, you know that this is one of the oldest breeds of Terriers being bred over 400 years ago.

Around the middle of the 1800’s Queen Victoria had a love for this breed of Terriers. Later, the breed started becoming unpopular. The Skye Terrier is so much of a loyal dog to their master that there was a Skye Terrier known as Bobby that when his master had passed away he laid by his grave for ten years until the day that he had passed away. The local town people would feed the dog everyday while he laid by his owners grave.

In 1864, the breed was shown for the first time in England. The American Kennel Club first registered the Skye Terrier in 1887. Back in the Skye’s history, the dog was known for being a hunter of vermin. As of today, however, the Skye Terrier is mainly known now for being a wonderful companion dog for their master and family.

The Skye Terrier has been known for doing a lot in its history. Not only were they little hunters but close to Queen Victoria and also so loyal that it would lie next to their master’s grave until they had passed away. This is one dog that is wonderful to have around.

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