Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence Review

The safety of the pet is important for everyone, not only inside the house but also in the surroundings. If you live in a place where walls cannot be built or physical fences placed, then Sit Boo-Boo Dog Fence is the solution for your dog to be safe and quiet.

This novel tool is used by dog ​​owners who need to keep their pets enjoying freedom and, at the same time, in an environment that provides maximum safety.

Sit Boo-Boo Dog Fence Review

This Sit Boo-Boo system for dog fence is a device that installs a cable in the ground, either at depth or on the surface. With a fairly simple installation, it will serve as a barrier to the dog not trespassing the safe limits.

The collar that the animal will carry will have some contacts and a receiver that will receive signals to correct his attitude, in three different ways. Upon passing the established limits, the device will emit stimulations in the form of sounds, vibrations, or electrical corrections, with various levels of intensity, so that the pet stops and returns to the perimeter of the house.

It is practical to delimit small areas and areas of 1/3 acre. Also, you can move to other places, in case you go on vacation to the countryside or to the mountain, you will always be safe.

 More collars can be added to the transmitter, which allows the owner to control several dogs using only one device. Likewise, you can limit specific areas, such as gardens, swimming pools, and other areas that you do not want the dog to enter.

If you have several pets and want to have separate Sit Boo-Boo is ideal, you can make isolated circuits so that each pet stays within a specific area and without having to raise fences or cages, the dog will move without problems in the established limits.

It is the most efficient and harmless procedure for the pet, as it does not produce any harmful effect on the dog’s health. In addition, it gives the owner the option to control several pets and train them properly.


This fence has multiple features to give each owner what he needs, in order to train your pet under optimal security parameters and tools, extremely, simple, and current.


Security is one of the most outstanding characteristics of this containment mechanism. Being one of the most inoffensive methods, it also provides maximum security to the pet. It is protected against voltage surges and lightning.

Easy installation:

It can simply be placed on the surface of the ground or a little deeper if you want more protection.


All equipment is waterproof (IP7). So, it can be used in external areas and under extreme climatic conditions. In addition, the dog can dive and swim freely.

Limited correction:

It has a prevention system for static corrections, which does not allow damage to the dog.


You can track pets and uncover their location, thanks to a built-in tracking system, which will always know where the pet is.


The length of the cable allows you to customize the design of the perimeters, which you want to ensure in the yard.


The cable has a 20 gauge wire made of copper, covered with durable plastic to withstand the impact of the environment, and has a length of 500 feet to cover a wide area.

Expand Action:

By adding more accessories, you can control more than one pet at a time.

Rechargeable Battery:

It comes with a battery made with lithium polymer, which can be recharged. This battery exceeds the usual lithium-ion, offering more lifetime, shortening the lapses to recharge, and with better use of the battery.


The material used in the collar is the one used in the aerospace and nautical industry, with which fiberglass and nylon polymer will last a long time.


It has 3 ways to correct the dog, sound, vibration, or static shocks.

Additional function:

With the Flexrtrain mode, you can improve the attitude of the pet and control the barking, as well as give the order to return to the house with the remote control.

Pros And Cons

Now we will analyze the number of positive characteristics and those that are not so beneficial for the pet or for the owner. In general, the versatility of this fence will depend on the needs of the person and the character of the dog.


  • Simple installation and it is completed in a couple of hours since cables should not be buried.
  • Adaptation to several dogs with the same transmitter, with independent controls for each pet.
  • The process of sending the product is quite fast
  • It covers a large area, which can exceed 1/3 of an acre with 500 feet in length.
  • Resistant cable covered with plastic used in aerospace and nautical material, with a size 20 and with the copper center of excellent quality.
  • Ideal for dogs with difficult character and special training needs.
  • Collars against the water with the IP7 factor, with intelligent features that keep track of the distance between the dog and the remote control.
  • Various forms of correction, with vibration, sound, and electric shock. Each mode has different levels of intensity, adjusting to the personality of the dog.
  • The fence can be adjusted according to the movement and sensors of the dog collar, for better training.
  • Completely harmless for the pet, it will not produce any type of skin lesions.
  • Rapid recharging of the lithium polymer battery, for longer life and usefulness.
  • Designed for dogs with more than 10 ounces in weight.
  • You can move to another place easily if you travel or change the protected areas.
  • The correction system is limited to 10 seconds, for a more suitable training
  • Location and recognition system of the pet that will indicate where its exact location.
  • Protection against storms and unevenness in the tension, perfect for places with extreme climates.
  • Flexrtrain function in the remote control to correct barking and other behaviors.


  • It is not designed for dogs under 8 pounds.


This near Boo Boo for a hidden dog is an excellent alternative for those who want to protect their pet with an invisible system and that does not need to be buried. The wide expanse of land that can cover is a great advantage for those who have vast expanses or places where they do not want dogs to enter.

With this device, you will have the security of not requiring additional batteries, with which you will obtain enormous savings. The extra functions of the transmitter allow you to control other unwanted behaviors and make your dog a pet model, giving you the peace of mind that it will be free and safe.

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