Should I get two dogs?

Dogs would always be on top of the list for the most popular choice for a pet. Dogs are not called man’s best friends for nothing. Because of the affection, loyalty and protection these animals give to their human friends, dog lovers would keep on adding another pet. Most households would have more than one dog as these animals are kind of addicting. Did you know that dogs have healing powers? We know that dogs can detect certain types of cancer and seizures. Medical studies have noted dog’s effects on the improvement of the quality of life of hypertensive people. These animals helped people cope with stress and major life changes like the loss of a loved one. It is no wonder then why people would want to have two or more dogs.

Animal behaviorists would advise dog owners that are gone a lot all day to get another dog. The dogs would keep each other company thus destructive behaviors that results from boredom or from separation anxiety will be prevented. Granted the expenses for the pet would double. The grooming and the care that have to be given to the pets will double as well but with two pets, the family would get twice the fun. This will only be possible if the dogs have hit it off from the start – if both dogs have accepted each other so that the humans and the two pets would be one big happy family.

Needless to say, dogs are different from humans. Humans may not take to another person but certainly a violent fight would not ensue after meeting each other. Dogs are sociable animals but this does not mean that the new dog introduced to the resident pet can always get along. Dog fight would be a big possibility if a new dog is brought home. The current pet is expected to defend the territory. All will be well if the newcomer is the submissive type but if both would aim for the top position, the peace and the expected pleasurable moments with the pets will be gone. This situation could have been prevented if two puppies were brought home at the same time. It would even be much better if the puppies came from the same litter. Dog experts though would not recommend this kind of situation given the possibility that the dogs would bond with each other and not with the human family. The close interaction between the dogs can make training difficult. Before settling on the second dog, a dog owner has to consider the breed, the gender and the activity level. Two dogs of the same sex have the tendency to fight to work out a dominance issue. The different activity level can again be the cause of friction between the pets.

Getting another dog should not be a spur of the moment decision. Your friend is offering you to have the first choice on the litter FOR FREE but be aware that getting a new dog can be a life changing decision. The usual routine has to be modified to accommodate the new pet. Two dogs in the family will be very rewarding if you have the time, the resources and most especially the energy necessary to ensure that the exercise needs of the two pets are met. If you do not have the capability to provide the pets with all these essential needs it would be best to settle with one dog. There will always be other opportunities. You can always get another dog when the time is right.

Dogs have different personalities and the conflicts that can arise between the two pets can be the headache of the family. Getting two dogs can be a wrong decision.

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