Sealyham Terrier

The Sealyham terrier is a breed of Terrier that is different. They do not get as rowdy as most breeds of Terrier. They are wonderful companion dogs that are great to have around the house. If you have other dogs around then it will make this Terrier happy. They are used to being in packs so having more dogs around will be great. Terriers are known for being wonderful with children as well.

This Terrier has a long board face with a long muzzle. On the ends of the muzzle is longer hair to give them a beard. For being a little dog, they have great power in their legs and a very strong body. In their history, they were known for hunting, so that is a good part of where they get their strong bodies from. The abilities of this breed are not only to hunt but also to track and to be a watch dog. This Terrier is not a guard dog but since they like to bark, they will make sure to let you know when someone comes around. The Terrier is not only good for these things but also a great dog to have around for company or a friend. If you like to take walks during the day then you will have the little one right with you. They are known to be kind of lazy dogs. If not taken out to get exercise then they will choose to just lie around all day and do nothing. So taking them for a short walk everyday will not only give you exercise but will also help the dog to stay healthy and to stay fit.

Therefore, the Sealyham terrier is a wonderful dog to have around the house for many reasons. The will need to be professional clipped or stripped in order to keep their coats looking awesome and well manicured.


The Sealyham terriers are wonderful looking dogs that mainly come in white or a yellowish color of white. They may have tan, brown, or lemon markings on their head and ears. They have a large nose, powerful jaws, and sturdy teeth with long canines. Their ears are wide that are carried against their cheeks on their face that have a rounded tip to them. Their ears should fold right at the head and are no longer than their eyes. They have round and dark eyes to the point where they are almost black in color. They are wide set and oval shaped. Once in awhile with this breed their eyes do not have any ring pigmentation. This is allowed with this breed in dog shows. Their tail is docked and it is carried high above them. Their fur coat is long and is a bristly course. Their fur has a soft outer coat while the undercoat is wirier. The coat on the Terrier is also water resistant for when their out in the waters. They have front legs that are short and straight while the back legs are filled with power and muscular.

The height for this breed is not more than 12 inches high. The weight for these Terriers is no more than 20 pounds maximum. The females however are always smaller than the male Terriers are. Therefore, when thinking of the size it is good to keep it in mind that the females are smaller but only by a few pounds or inches.


These Sealyham Terriers are wonderful little dogs. Not only are they a loving dog, caring and loyal but they also have wonderful courage. This Terrier breed is not that rowdy like the other Terrier breeds. These Terriers are good with other pets but may tend to be a little dog aggressive. They can be some what reserved when it comes to having strangers around them. These Terriers are wonderful watch dogs, hunters, and trackers. They can also be difficult to train for some things. When having them around children make sure that they are caring with this breed. This breed is used to being “pack” dogs so they will do great with the companionship of other dogs.

This Terrier does well in apartment life. They are inactive indoors and will do all right without a yard. If you have the room outside for them to romp around then that is even better. This breed also prefers cool weather.


The Sealyham terrier is a dog that needs professional trimming or stripping. So make sure to talk to your groomer as to how often they need their coat stripped. This breed does not shed at all. At home, you can brush the Terrier with a firm bristle brush a few times a week. If they are groomed right, they can be a great dog for people who have dog allergies since they do not shed much.

These Terriers are lazy and can be a plain couch potato. Therefore, small exercises such as a short walk will do this dog wonders. They do not have a lot of energy so they make a wonderful walking companion for the daily walker.


Around the early 19th century in Whales, the Sealyham terrier was born of a mix of a few different breeds of dogs like the Corgi, the Basset of Flanders, West Highland terrier, and the Danie Dinmont. The person that mixed these other breeds to create the Sealyham terrier is Captain John Edwards.

In 1908, the Sealyham Terriers Club was created and it was recognized in 1910. The United Kennel Club noticed this breed in 1919. This breed today is mainly found in the United Kingdom and in South Africa. The Sealyham Terrier is one of the most endangered native breeds, which was recently explained by the British Kennel Club. This Terrier is one of the most popular Terriers and the best acknowledged Welsh breeds.

Today the Sealyham terrier is best known for being a wonderful companion dog for many people. This breed is best known for their ability to hunt, track and for being a wonderful watch dog. These Terriers are not that much for being a guard dog however as they are a watch dog. This breed got their name from Sealyham Manor of Capt. Edwards in Pembrokeshire, Wales. They may have many abilities but were mainly known in their history of being a hunting dog. That might be because of the mix of different dogs that were bred to achieve the traits of the Sealyham terrier. The origin of this breed is Wales.

The Sealyham terrier is seen under the groups of the Terrier group and the American Kennel Club Terrier group. The main reason for the creation of this breed was to hunt out vermin that bothered other dogs such as foxes, badgers and other vermin that would pester the dogs. Therefore, the history of this breed proves that these little Terriers are pure hunters from the start of their lives. So basically this breed is a hunter, however, he is a loving and loyal companion.

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