When we have to decide to buy a system, that provides security to our pets and gives us the confidence that they will not run any risk outside the house, we must analyze many factors, such as the area we must cover, the size of the dog, the appliance resistance, price, etc.

In our search for practical options for us and for the pet, we find a wide variety of products, of different brands and costs, which offer us a wide variety of advantages and wonderful benefits.

We have to see the characteristics of the terrain and know what we want to protect our loyal friends. They will thank us for the effort we make to keep them free and happy, running everywhere and in full physical shape.

But we will analyze, carefully, two fences that are available to pet owners and that have multiple features, which fit each person. Choose the best one and the one that suits you best, between the Havahart wireless fence and the PetSafe wireless fence.

What comes inside the box of the Havahart brand?

Let’s start with the components of the package. We always think that when packages bring many elements, they should work better and we should offer more alternatives for use. In this case, we will detail what each box brings.

Havahart’s wireless fence contains a controller that measures 12,125 “high, including two antennas, a cable for the AC adapter, several adhesive bands, screws, and anchors to fix it to the wall.

It also contains a wireless necklace that weighs 1.76 ounces, which comes with long and short connectors, includes two rechargeable batteries with the charger. It also has a heart-shaped collar and 75 flags for training.

To correctly place all these parts and work properly, has an instruction manual and a DVD to indicate the way of programming and installation of the device. In this way, it will be visualized how to place each piece of the Havahart wireless fence.

How does Havahart wireless dog fence work?

The Havahart fence has a radial action that covers up to 11 acres of land and provides a more accurate correction area than other devices, approximately, less than 3 or 6 feet, which allows dogs to be kept more secure in the area.

Thanks to the improvement in the filtering of data that it has, which allows that there is greater communication between the transmitter and the collar. This is achieved when the desired distance is programmed from the fence boundary in the controller, which can be between 40 and 400 feet and the collar is added to the system.

This establishes permanent communication with the collar and can locate up to 2 dogs within the limits set. Upon reaching the Shooting Zone, the collar will release a correction signal, according to the intensity set by the owner; it can be either tone or static.

You can select between a certain tone or 5 static corrections, which must be proportional to the size, age, and behavior of the pet. It also has an alarm system, which will notify inside the house when the dog leaves the safe area.

It has a security function called waiting time, which is that if the dog approaches the risk area, corrections will be activated for 30 seconds, but if it returns to the protected area this alert will stop immediately.

It is perfect for houses that are more than 30 feet away from roads or other houses, as the roaming area interferes with objects that are less than this distance away. Therefore, it should not be used in buildings that are very close.

The collar has protection for water; its buckle is quite resistant and can be adapted to small dogs, acquiring an additional one, or with necks from 14 “to 26”. The antennas are inside the neck strap, very well protected.

The batteries have a duration of 1 to 3 days, so you can place one and leave the other loading, to keep monitoring and constant control of the pet. The necklace is made of metal and plastic.

Buyer Reviews About Havahart wireless dog fence

The opinions of the public are not very satisfactory. They give him a score of 3.1 on a scale of 5, claiming severe damage to the animal’s skin and other causes.

Other similar products

The Havahart brand does not have more fences available, but there are many models with different alternatives, to choose the one that suits the needs of each pet. Surely, there is an ideal for you.

What comes inside the PetSafe brand box?

Now let’s see that it contains the PetSafe wireless fence. This package is much smaller than the previous one and comes with a transmitter with an adapter for the current, two collars with a key for contact points, the receiver charger, and 50 flags to proceed with the training.

It also has a guide for the operation and indicates how to train the dog. As you can see, this device has fewer devices, but it is totally portable, it has no cables to bury and can be moved anywhere.

Without a doubt, the Havahart wireless fence has more pieces than the PetSafe fence, but let’s analyze its operation and the characteristics that each has. So we will evaluate which is more versatile.

How does PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence work?

On the other hand, the PetSafe wireless fence is configured in 1 or 2 hours, its installation is very simple and covers an extension of 105 feet and a circular area of up to 0.75 acres. It has 5 forms of correction, all adaptable and a tone mode for training.

The collar can be used on dogs weighing 5 pounds or more, with necks from 6 “to 23”, comes with a light test tool and includes contact points. It recharges in a period of 2 to 3 hours and is made of cloth, so it is quite light and soft for the dog’s skin.

Which one offers the best price?

The option that offers PetSafe is quite practical sense for a single device costs $ 299.95 but can be purchased from 2 to 5 devices, with prices ranging between $ 477.99 and $ 889.95.

Buyer Reviews About PetSafe Fence
It can be said that all experiences are not equal; we must take into account the level of training and obedience of the animal, as well as the patience that the owner must have to train and document the correct installation of the device.

Especially with the contacts of the collars, this can cause damage to the dog’s skin, by excessive use or by the high level of intensity in each discharge. Keep in mind that they have very delicate skin.

However, the Havahart wireless fence has a lower acceptance and satisfaction level than the PetSafe wireless fence, varying between 3.1 and 4.2, respectively. This shows that Havahart, despite having more field of action, may not offer the expected results.

Other similar products

If you want to see other options, the PetSafe brand has a pet containment system that covers up to ½ acre, designed for large and waterproof dogs. It is very easy to install and the battery lasts 2 months, depending on the activity of the dog.

The retail price is $ 389.90 and the ratings and comments reach the top of the acceptance level because this product has the highest score among users. This shows that it is a good quality item.

Havahart Vs PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence

As we have seen, these types of wireless fences are a perfect outlet for our dog to be safe and easy to move to any place on our property. If you evaluate your conditions, you could choose the most appropriate for your case.

Finally, it can be concluded that the Havahart wireless fence has more alternatives, for those who have a larger area to cover, can be used in two pets at the same time, and has security measures when the dog approaches the roaming area.

The batteries have a longer lifetime than the PetSafe wireless fence and the collar can be adapted to large dogs, but you can also purchase an additional collar for small dogs. Well, the Petsafe wireless fence also a good option for you.

In general, we could say that the PetSafe wireless fence represents greater security for the dog. Although the Havahart wireless fence has more items and covers a wider area of land, the PetSafe fence is more reliable.