Best Wireless Dog Fence For Large Dogs Reviews 2021

Best Wireless Dog Fence For Large Dogs Reviews 2021

Are you confused about which wireless fence is ideal to purchase for your large dog? Well, in this guide we will tell you about the best wireless fences for large dogs.
Keeping our dogs safe is the most vital on the list as pet parents. Wireless dog fences help to determine a secure zone where your dog can roam freely.

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In the homes with gardens and enormous patios, which aren’t fenced, so dogs are not conscious of the danger they face because they’re on the brink of the road. In these cases, they’re vulnerable to being hit by a car or a bicycle.

Whether you live near a busy road or in homes with gardens. Might be you have enormous patios and are struggling to find how to securely contain your dog, a wireless fence might be the right solution.

When we have pets at home, we have to be responsible for their care, nutrition, and health. One of the points that most concern us is the safety of the animal then check the wireless fence for large dogs, especially if it is on the outside of the house.

In the properties with gardens and large patios, which are not fenced, dogs have a lot of freedom of movement and are not aware of the danger they run because they are so close to the street. In these cases, they are susceptible to being hit by a car or a bicycle.

There are people who own large dogs, who need a larger area to move, and who cannot be locked up at home because they have to run and play, especially if there are children at home.

If the pet is small, it can be kept at home for longer and it is easier to live with it because it does not take up much space to rest or feed. However, every pet needs to be outdoors and exercise or walk, at least once a day.

Top 10 Best Wireless Fence For Large Dogs 2021

Fence Feature Price
PIF Fence Easy to carry
PetSafe Pet Fence Perfect Security
GROOVYPETS Fence Train up to 3 large dogs
JUSTPET Fence Longer Life
KAROTEZH Indoor Fence Adjustable
Free Spirit Dog Fence Good For Pets Over 5 Pounds
SportDOG Fence 100 Acre Capability
PetSafe Stubborn Good For All
Extreme Fence Waterproof

Best Wireless Fence For Large Dogs Reviews

These are the top 10 picks for you which you can check. Read complete reviews and pick which you like.

1. GROOVYPETS Fence System

The GroovyPets Remote Two Dog Hunting Training Shock Collar is an Underground and In-Ground Electronic Containment Boundary Fence System Combo for Medium and Large Dog which can train up to 3 large or medium dogs separately. You can consider this a wireless fence for big dogs anytime.

The Groovypets Remote Two Dog Hunting Training Shock Collar  is our first preference for large dogs because of it’s great attributes:


The remote dog training system can train 3  large dogs separately. Pet shock collar can train your dogs and rectify bad behaviors such as -chewing, biting, digging, lunging on people, chasing cars or domestic animals, or excessive or fierce barking. The best thing is the Fence system is multi-collar compatible—you can add multiple collars as you wish.


It has Customizable Electric Fence/ Safe Intelligent Dog Fence Collar: Progressive Tone & Vibration Stimulus—A notifying beep noise with vibration will be issued first, and further intense beep tones with vibration will be followed, then a pulsed stimulus if your dog proceeds to stride closer to the boundary. You can set containment zoning with the boundary cable as you prefer, 500 feet/150 meters wire covers about 1/3 acre.


The collar is compatible with the remote controller and fence base transmitter. This means you can train your dog with a remote controller or leave your dog inside the electric fence without removing the collar. The boundary shock collar can survive up to 5 days before recharging is required.


It has 8 Seconds Safety Termination Receiver that shuts off automatically if a dog gets stuck in the correction area for more than 8 seconds.


  • Low battery consumption.
  • Can train up to 3 large dogs.
  • Therapies 3 correction modes.
  • 8 Seconds Safety Termination for dog insurance.


  • The fence signal to collars is Inconsistent.

The best thing about the pet shock collar is that it allows you to train 3 of your pets altogether. Thus, cutting down the need to buy one for every pet you own. As a result, saving your money. So, if you own more dogs this is definitely for you.

2. COVONO Pet Containment System

The COVONO TZ863 is the newest model of the TZ series in 2021. The layout of the TZ863 is more trendy and practical, and the reply of its receiver to the signal is more susceptible and valid, it allows you to train your pets effortlessly, safely, and pleasantly.


The nylon collar strap provides good breathability while the mini size receiver gives them comfort even in long-wearing situations. The static correction with increasing intensity won’t hurt your dog even at the utmost shock level.


The included 650 feet copper wire cover to 3/4 acre while it is often expanded to more area with the acquisition of additional wires. you’ll run the wires underground/aboveground, and style the perimeter consistent with your needs, to stay dogs inside the customized area.


The collar receiver is adaptable, waterproof, and rechargeable, sufficient for all kinds of dogs weighing 10lbs-120lbs with a neck size ranging from 7-20 inches. With the acquisition of additional compatible COVONO receivers, you’ll train as many dogs as you wish at an equivalent time.


If you aren’t satisfied with the item, you. Can l return it directly and obtain a full refund within 90 days of receipt of shipment in most cases. A lifetime warranty is out there too.



  • Progressive correction to ensure dog safety.
  • Reflective strap for night security.
  • Expandable to more with additional wires.
  • No limit to the number of dogs in the system.


  • Can not use this fence on aggressive dogs.

One of the useful things about the fence is it works by producing a wireless signal from the transmitter through the boundary wire. So you can train your dog easily. So if you want to train your pets this is for you.

3. JUSTPET 2 in 1 Wireless Fence

The competent 2-in-1 dog training & wireless fence system is a different and new kind of product in the market. With its, gorgeous layout, shape, comfortable handling, and what is worthy of mention is that the product combines the dog training system with the wireless fence system.


The intelligent transmitter and receiver with high power built-in battery are rechargeable. Durable battery, a charge is often used for quite every week, under the condition of standby up to quite half a year. Low power consumption, and low battery alert.


The ergonomic structure of the transmitter is precise to hold. . After the procedure of oxidation and hand painting, the hold is easier. Collar size (from 7 inches -26 inches) for 10-110lbs of dog, self-adjustment, and sturdy. And there are 2 sets of various lengths of metal point contact, according to dog size and fur length to settle on the proper set, which doesn’t hurt the dog’s fur.


The waterproof collar receiver is ranked IPX7, which suggests that your dog can get wet within the grass, mess with the sprinkler, or play in the rain.


  • Portable, easy to hold.
  • Longer life than other similar receivers.
  • Three functions of static correction, vibration.
  • The battery can continuously work for 24 hrs.


  • Not applicable to indoor use

One of the great things about this fence is that it is a simple operation and convenient mode switching. This product is for if you want a portable, hassle-free product with more features.

4. KAROTEZH 2 in  1 Indoor Fence

This is a 2-in-1 training kit that comprises a wireless fence for big dogs and a training collar. They can assist you to train your pets much more efficiently and instantly.

Ultra-Long Control Distance:

The control distance is up to 300 meters, and there are 5 levels of adjustment, which are 30M, 60M, 90M, 150M, and 300M. You can set containment zoning with the boundary cable as you prefer, 500 feet/150 meters wire covers about 1/3 acre.

Flexible Training Modes:

Adjust the training mode with One Key, simple and efficient! The smart dog fence system has 3 functions which are Sound, Vibration, and Shock. All of them are often adjusted in 6 levels and you’ll choose consistent with the particular must get the simplest training outcomes.

Watertight & Rechargeable:

The receiver is waterproof and features a built-in rechargeable battery, which is environmental-friendly and helps you economize. The improved performance increases its durability so that you’ll use it indoor or outdoor to coach your pet.

Versatile Usage:

The thoughtful adjustable neck strap makes this pet shock collar kit suitable for little, medium, and enormous dogs. this is often also an excellent gift idea for your friends who have naughty dogs.


  • Easy to install.
  • Effective distance can be adjusted.
  • More receiver collars can be added.
  • Adjustable training model.


  • Chances of fenced boundary to extend to your neighbor’s property.
This collar can be utilized to train pets, it can enable your dog to develop good habits and become more disciplined. It is eligible for naughty and persistent dogs.

5. Free Spirit Containment System

The Free Spirit In-Ground Fence permits you to customize a yard boundary for your pet. A radical signal travels from the transmitter through a concealed wire, marking the boundaries you want to set for your dog.


Whether it is raining or your dog enjoys puddles, this humane, rechargeable schooling gadget will operate safely. Durable battery, a charge is often used for quite every week, under the condition of standby up to quite half a year. Low power consumption, and low battery alert.


Whether you’ve got a little, medium, large, or giant-sized dog, this adjustable collar works for all dogs 5 Pounds and up with neck sizes 6 in. to 26 in. There are 2 sets of various lengths of metal point contact, according to dog size and fur length to settle on the proper set, which doesn’t hurt the dog’s fur.


Simply alter the strap to your dog’s neck, ensuring the contact factors contact pores and skin to avoid pain or damage to your dog’s skin, it shouldn’t be worn quite 12 hours each day.


  • A fence can be utilized with pets over 5 pounds.
  • The fence allows you to customize a yard boundary.
  • Three Types of Stimulation.
  • Expandable up to 1 acre with unlimited dogs.



  • Can be shocked if nearby any metal appliances.
Free Spirit In-Ground Fence allows you to customize your yard. If your pet is 5 pounds or up this is the best fence for you.

6. PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System

The PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System is our first pick for large dogs because the security level is high and your dog remains under control if you are going to get this one. The better thing is you can move it to any place because it’s portable.

A lot of fences did not portable which means you can’t take them with you on a trip or any other place. Another great feature it has 5 levels of corrections which means you can set any level according to your dog’s limits and how much he bears. It also has a beep which helps you to know that the fence is working.

The PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System comes up with three models, the first one is collar only which means if you have less budget then you can buy that and it also works fine for your dog. The second is a complete package which means you don’t have to worry about its installation you get a guide about it.

Third have an extra battery, which means if you are on a long trip and you are using this fence and its battery is low you can use that extra pack for your dog. It covers 1/2 ACRE and you can use it for indoor and outdoor purposes as well.

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For optimal performance of the wireless dog fence for large dogs 2021, training is important 2 or 3 times daily and in short sessions of 15 minutes, to accustom the pet to the system.

It is necessary to emphasize that, each animal is different and responds differently to the training. If you have two dogs, you must train them separately. For the best results, you can complete the 5 steps indicated in the Instruction Manual.


  • 5 Adjustable levels of correction
  • Complete wireless system
  • Perfect Security
  • It is portable, which means you can move it to any place


  • You need to read their guide for better installation and activation

7. PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence

This wireless fence for big dogs has a transmitter to adapt to the current, receiver charger, and is portable. It covers an area of 105 feet and a circular area of up to 0.75 acres. It has a light test system, points, and contact key.

The collar can be adjusted to dogs from 5 pounds weight, with necks from 6 to 23 “and recharged in a maximum of 3 hours. It has 5 correction modes and an additional one for training and can be configured in 2 hours.
It comes in black, is made of fabric, its total weight is 4.5 pounds, and includes 50 flags, plus the guide to operate it and train the dog.


  • Easy to carry
  • Quick configuration
  • It is possible to control up to 5 dogs
  • Light test system


  • It covers 105 feet
  • It is not waterproof

8. SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems

The effectiveness of this product is found in the way it is used, follow each of the instructions, and its high-scale operation will be guaranteed. This fence system is a simple and cost-effective alternative to a traditional fence; it contains 1,000 feet of wire, 100 flags, one transmitter, and a collar receiver to keep your dog in your backyard up to 11/3 acres. There are many other GPS fences available which you can use for your dog.

The transmitter is powerful enough to cover up to 100 acres of land, with the purchase of these kits receives additional wire and flag (SDF-WF), especially for large numbers of large dogs. The nearby transmitter features a wire break alarm to alert you that your pet is in danger.

Some breeds of dogs cannot be successfully trained, as not all are comfortable with this system, so make sure your pet adapts quickly and accurately.
Some dogs will try to insist for a long time crossing the limits, be patient to achieve your goal and Dog thieves cannot be kept away.

  • Waterproof neck receiver
  • The anti-duration function prevents the dog from draining the battery.
  • Four adjustable stimulation, tone, and vibration levels
  • Includes 1000 feet of wire and 100 flags
  • Expands to any number of dog receivers with the purchase of additional SDF-R receivers


  • 100 Acre Capability
  • Remote Trainer Option
  • Underground Wire Included
  • Tone, Vibration, & Static Options


  • You have to train your dog for this

9. PetSafe Stubborn Fence

Have you heard about the new way to keep your pets safe with wireless fencing? Although in many places they do not allow fences around your property, for the simple reason that the good aesthetics of the place prevail, today there are wireless fences, especially for your dogs.

They provide your pets with a way of static simulation training, you as your pet owners, limit the safe zone of your dogs in which you will circulate through the modern wireless fence system, which controls from the base station installed inside your home.

Your dog can swim with the collar and will not affect its normal functionality. The 14 gauge dog fence outdoor boundary wire is covered with a protective polyethylene jacket designed to be UV resistant. The collar is waterproof and can fit small or large dogs.

They are products designed with quality materials, but their mishandling could be detrimental to their operation. It is not functional for all pets.
If you do not receive the proper induction, you could believe that the electrical charge that your pet receives is harmful to its development and life. If you are not patient with the continuous training of your dog to use this wireless system, you could lose your money and your time.

  • A sturdy ground fence designed especially for stubborn and difficult to train pets.
  • Evaluated in terms of health and safety.
  • Five levels of progressive intensity correction.
  • Quality products and oriented to good performance for your pet.
  • Provide a better quality of life for your pet with Pet Safe


  • WaterProof
  • Multiple Wire Gauge Options
  • You can use this for all pets


  • Not Found

10. Extreme Dog Fence

After the base system is installed, put an electronic receiver collar on your pet’s neck, making sure that its tips lightly touch its fur, every time your dog approaches the limit, the base system will detect it and send a signal to it.

Now, if your pet persists in continuing to approach the limit, he will feel the bad experience of an electric shock acceptable to his body and capacity, do not be distressed, experts verify all these limits, this impact is very similar to that feeling when you place your hand on the TV screen with it on.

This wireless dog fence for large dogs 2021 is cheaper in the long run than building a fence around your property, and since it is not allowed in most cities, wireless fencing would be your best option.
They are designed with good quality material. This product exceeds your product expectations.
Avoid falling into negative comments about using these types of wireless fences for your pets, as some people claim that these types of systems make their dogs more aggressive. Instead, Dog education experts say that this system is used to educate your pets. Check Dog Trackers with GPS.


  • 2nd generation Extreme Dog Fence® covers up to 121,000 yards² (up to 10).
  • Devices are designed to be compatible with new collar options.
  • Waterproof and Submersible: Most other grounded dog fence systems claim to be “waterproof.”
  • The Extreme Dog Fence includes a receiver collar that is completely waterproof and can be submerged up to 100 feet deep.


  • WaterProof
  • The price is affordable
  • A complete Package


  • Not Found

How To Keep Your Dog Safe With A Good Fence?

Best Wireless Dog Fence For Large Dogs Reviews 2021

For the owners it is a great concern that your dog is in the yard or the garden, exposed to many risks, and should look for ways to protect them, without restricting their mobility; that is, without placing chains or enclosing them in a specific area.

That is why the wireless fence for large dogs has been created. This system is ideal to solve the issue of animal safety, in the area determined by the owner. It can cover a fairly large area very effectively.

Likewise, it is a very simple procedure to install and it is much more economical than placing a fence around the perimeter, which would cause a lack of visibility and it is very possible that in the urbanization where it lives, this type of fence is not allowed.

There are many models and brands to choose from in the market, their characteristics and advantages are varied and the client must select the one that best suits what he needs. The cheap wireless dog fence represents a saving of money, but you have to evaluate if it offers all the security that your pet needs.

Invisible Vs Electric Dog Fence – Which is Best for Large Dogs?

They are wireless systems that form a protective barrier around the house, defined by the owner, within which the dog is safe. When the dog approaches the safety limit, the collar is activated and receives a correction signal.

The intensity of the shock depends on the configuration made by the owner of the pet. The dog should be trained before placing the collar so that it gets used to the restriction area. These devices are manageable and easy to install and configure.

These devices are based on an electrical circuit and are made with a cable that can be buried in the ground or at the level of the floor. The wire emits signals to a transmitter and the dog passes through the safety area, activating the collisions in the collar

The installation of this fence is more complicated because you have to open a trench and when the cable deteriorates, you have to replace it to continue working properly. It is not practical if you plan to move and take the system to another house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dog Fence worth the money?

While an electric fence may look invisible, its damaging effects are very visible, and generally increase harmful behavior over time. Dogs can become fearful or even aggressive because they are being hurt.

Do wireless fences work for big dogs?

Invisible electric fences are often less expensive even when professionally installed. Adaptability. While traditional fences work well on flat or gently sloping yards, invisible fencing works on almost any terrain. … Also, electronic fences can cover acres of ground in any pattern to make large exercise areas for dogs.

What is the best invisible fence for large dogs?

We have reviewed the top5 wireless fences for large dogs for you to make the best decision.

How do I stop my big dog from jumping the fence?

Invisible electric fences are often less costly even when professionally installed. Adaptability. While traditional fences work well on flat or gently sloping yards, invisible fencing works on almost any terrain. Also, electronic fences can cover acres of ground in any pattern to create large exercise areas for dogs.

Which is better wireless or wired dog fence?

A wireless dog fence is simpler to install, but it is not as reliable of a solution. In addition to this, if you need to contain more than ¾ of an acre of land, you will need to select a wired system.

What is a wireless dog fence and how does it work?

It is an invisible, wireless system that helps static simulation training. It is controlled from a server placed inside your house, the receiver is inserted to the bottom of the earth, and with the collar worn around your dog’s neck, it receives an alert signal.

Are wireless dog fences effective?

Yes, in addition to effective training for your pet, it is also viable because it is not visible, and you will not have problems with the authorities of your country that do not accept to install physical fences on your property.

Are wireless dog fences safe?

Yes, it is the only way you have, to keep your pet safe and limit.

Do wireless fences work for big dogs?

It is a wireless system that through the collar that the dog has an alert signal through an underground cable installed in the garden and is controlled by control from her home.

What’s the difference between a wireless dog fence and a hybrid or semi-wireless dog fence?

The Wi-Fi signal uses the first, and the other using electricity with the option of Wi-Fi as well. For this type of wireless fence to work optimally, your dog must receive prior training to detect warning beeps and blows as a clear signal that he should not cross the limit.


The safety of pets is extremely important to possess total control of the world where the dog is moving. It’s necessary to possess a wireless dog fence system for giant dogs.

This will allow us to possess the animal in freedom, but protected within the world that we determine. Just in case of an animal escape, these devices will alert us and that we can locate it during a short time.

Whatever control we establish, we’ll have the knowledge that the dog is going to be ready to play free and happy. Without worrying about being lost or suffering some unfortunate accident. For the welfare of our pets, it’s worth buying and installing these sorts of fences.
The safety of pets is very important for our peace of mind. To have total control of the area where the dog is moving, it is necessary to have a wireless dog fence system for large dogs.
This will allow us to have the animal in freedom, but protected within the area that we determine. In case of an animal escape, these devices will alert us and we can locate it in a short time.

Definitely, whatever control we establish at home, we will have the certainty that the dog will be able to play free and happy, without fear of being lost or suffering some unfortunate accident. For the welfare of our pets, it is worth buying and installing these types of fences at home.

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