Best Long Range Wireless Dog Fence 2021 Reviews

To contain a pet in an area that provides maximum protection and peace of mind for the owners, they must implement certain modern techniques available in the market and very simple to use long range wireless dog fence.

The houses that have large tracts of land or that, because of their location, cannot be fenced with walls, must have a system that allows them to keep the animal safely out of the house, protected from loss, possible accidents such as collisions, between other things.

One of the most innovative ways to meet all these parameters is by installing a long-range wireless dog fence. This measure is the most appropriate if you want to maintain the freedom of the dog, with all the safety standards offered by the system.

There are multiple models available in the market, which offer many advantages to both the owner and the pet and are quite accessible, with simple operations and ease of installation.

Top 9 Best Long Range Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

Are you worried about your dog’s safety, or do you want him to stop chasing the cars and stress the passing neighbors? If these are your concerns and you want a solution that ensures your pup’s safety. We are here to help you. With our list of the best long range dog fences, you will be able to get your pick with ease.

1. SportDOG Brand Fence

If you are updating the SportDog wireless fence to give your canine more room to explore. And you are searching for the best long range dog fence, adding Wire and Flag kit in your list will end your search.

Training Flags:

Durable training flags with steel bars help your dog to see the wireless boundary visibly. With extra 50 flags, you can cover more areas and let your dog know where its limits are.


This Wire & Flag Kit is compatible with the SportDog in-Ground Wireless system (SDF-100C, SDF-CT, SDF-00A, SDF-100).

1/3 Acres More Area Coverage:

If your dog doesn’t like small spaces and is used to having many acres as his running field. With 50 ft. of extra wire, you can add 1/3 acres to the existing system.


  • More area for dogs to explore
  • Durable flags provide a long reminder
  • Great compatibility


  • It takes a lot of time and effort to install

Wire and Flag kit will expand your in-ground system and allow your pup to run freely within new boundaries. It will also be perfect if you decide to have more dogs.

If you don’t want your small pal to roam around in the neighbor’s yard and stress you. Then this review of Elite Little Dog might help you to find the best safety guard.


Proprietary 3V batteries are used in the smart dog collar, which you have to change every 2 to 3 months. They are readily available and aren’t very expensive. Once your dog is trained and knows its boundaries, you can switch off the batteries. This way, you can extend the usage time.


It’s always hard to find a collar that is neither loose nor heavy for your small dog. Elite Little Dog will give you the lightest collar in the market, weighs only 2.5 oz, and the size will be perfect for any dog with a neck size 6-16 inches. With the correct collar size, the probs will touch the dog’s neck so he can feel the Static correction.

Reflective light on the collar helps you to find your pup in the dark. The system has run through prevention, where correction intensity will increase if your dog tries to cross the boundary. With four adjustable levels of static correction, you make sure your little furry friend doesn’t get hurt. The collar is waterproof as well.

Area Coverage:

Elite Little Dog in-ground fence covers an area of 1/3 acres. However, you can extend the area to 25 acres with the same transmitter.


Elite Little Dog In-ground fence is not very hard to install. There is a DVD and instruction menu to assist you. But, it will take you a day to finish the job and a lot of hard work depending on the area you need to cover. Wire according to your space and set your boundaries.


  • Their customer service is excellent
  • Lightweight for small dogs
  • The collar is adjustable
  • The collar is adjustable


  • The collar doesn’t have a rechargeable battery
  • It doesn’t have a vibration option

Small and fragile dogs, especially those weighing 5 pounds or less, need special care and attention. High static correction can cause fear, anxiety, and sometimes even skin rash for smaller pups. So choose a fence that will allow them to have fun, and you can also relax without worrying about their safety.

If you travel a lot and can’t leave your dog behind, a sleek and portable wireless fence is for you. No more wires, no more traditional fence, and no more running after your dog.

Collar With Charger:

Buying a new battery after every few months doesn’t suit the budget. Stay and play offers a collar that can be charged for around 2-3 hrs, and it will be sufficient for two to three weeks. A waterproof collar allows the dogs to have more fun and be a part of your swimming parties.

It can fit the neck from 6-28 inches. You can contain an unlimited number of dogs with different sizes under one system just by adding collars. Choose from the five static corrections or tone-only modes as per your preference.

Area Coverage:

After placing the device indoors, you get ¾ acres of circular coverage (22-105 ft in all directions), which is also adjustable. With the wireless boundary, you can keep your dog safe not only at home but while traveling, visiting friends and family, and on vacation.


Put the transmitter on the ground floor so you can adjust the boundaries. If you want to cover more area, buy a separate transmitter, and you will get the rectangular area with overlapping signals and more space for your dog to run freely. With auto shut-off correction, it will not go more than 15 seconds.


  • Portable device
  • Multiple dogs can be included
  • Batteries are chargeable
  • Three years warranty


  • Transmitter signals are not stable sometimes
  • Collar quality is mid-range

With the Stay and Play wireless fence, you don’t have to worry about chasing your dog whenever you go camping or traveling. This reliable and affordable wireless fence is a solution to your problems. Take your portable fence with you and set it anywhere within a few hours.

4. PetSafe Pawz Away Barrier

You may be tired of your pet jumping on the trash and destroying your garden. Well, the PetSafePawz Away wireless barrier can restrict your pet’s movement to any area you want them not to explore.


PetSafePawz Away Barrier provides very lightweight and adjustable collars. This set also has a waterproof collar that fits the 6-28inshes neck size.
When your pet enters a prohibited area, he will get a safe static warning. Static correction reaches the max within 3 seconds. But time out collar will not deliver corrections after 15 seconds.

Area Coverage:

This wireless system can cover a 16 feet circular area. You can also customize the area by adding 150 ft wire (sold separately) and setting the pets’ boundaries. If you want to protect more than one place, do it by purchasing an additional Pawz Away barrier.


The Installation is effortless and quick. Its rock-shaped design easily blends with your outdoor landscape. If you have more than one pet, add the collars to the existing system.
The transmitter is waterproof, so you can use it in the garden and even leave it out in the rain; it will still work.


For both transmitter and collar, you have to buy batteries. In the transmitter, 4D batteries are used (not included). In the receiver collar, 3-Volt lithium batteries are used (included).


  • Fast setup without wires
  • It is a portable fence
  • Works for both dogs and cats
  • Customize the fence by using wire


  • Batteries run out pretty fast
  • Metal objects can interfere with signals

With the Pawz Away barrier, you can protect the areas you don’t want your pets to visit. And that can save you from so much stress and worry. If your dog or cat is not following their boundaries, it is time for you to teach them. And protect your pool or flower bed.

If you live anywhere near Highway and have a dog who won’t stop chasing the squirrels and running after the cars no matter how many times you stop him. And you can’t leave him be just because he doesn’t know what’s better for him. Stubborn Dog In-ground fence is a solution to your problems.


PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-ground fence has the strongest and largest receiver collar in the market. It fits the 6-28 inches neck size and is best suited for dogs weighing 50-200 lbs. This waterproof collar comes with four progressive levels of static correction and with electric simulation. Beep and vibration are ideal for training.

Safety time-out after 30 seconds. To prevent the dog from running out of the boundary, the maximum static correction is delivered.


The receiver collar uses a regular battery that is readily available, and if your dog doesn’t test the boundaries very often, the battery will work between 3-4 months.

Area Coverage:

Your Stubborn Dog kit will come with enough wire to cover 1/3 acres. But you can always cover more area by adding more wire. Fifty flags can cover ¾ acres and are a great way to show the visible boundary to the dogs while training.


The best thing people like about this fence is its custom-able Installation. Mark the area you want to include in your dog’s boundary and run it over. After Installation, just set some controls like how far from the fence your dog’s collar will activate and boundary control switch.


  • Works well with big dogs
  • Compatible with other PatSafe collars
  • Can be used for an ultimate number of dogs
  • Customizable with yard shape


  • The receiver caller is not rechargeable
  • Static correction is hard for pets under 20lb

Not all dogs are cooperative and easy to train. Some are a real pain in the neck. And if your dog is stubborn and disobedient, you are in real need of this stubborn Dog In-ground fence. For dogs with high pain endurance and stubborn personality, high levels of static correction will be helpful.

6. PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems

This protection system for your pet provides a wireless limit, designed in a circular way to protect the animal in the intended area, either the garden or the yard. It allows adaptations, according to the extension of the land, ranging from 5 meters to about 90 meters.

This zone can be set in any direction, programming it with an internal transmitter. It covers a surface that has a limit of a ½ acre. Its installation is very simple, because it does not require digging to bury cables, so it takes between 1 or 2 hours, at most.

Due to its ease of installation and its compact size, it is ideal to take to campsites or vacation trips. It has a collar that indicates when the battery level is going down, it is also waterproof, it has up to 5 ways of correction in a static way and a sound system to help train the pet.

It works perfectly on flat terrains, which do not have mountains, also, if it is put in contact with objects that contain metal, the signal will be interrupted or modified. Likewise, the installation must always be kept in a circular form, for optimum results. It should not be changed to a rectangle or a square.

This security system provides ample freedom to pets, which ensures that they stay as close to the house and within the established perimeter. In this way, other more aggressive methods are eliminated, such as having them tied with chains or locked in cages.

It will also save hours of hard work making holes in the ground to place the cable because this system is completely wireless. You can take it anywhere you go since it is not heavy and you can configure it according to the new limits.

It is perfect for several pets, so if you plan to have other dogs, do not worry that the wireless fence will maintain its operation perfectly to contain several dogs at the same time and without this diminishing its effectiveness.

When making a fence in a circular way, the dog will keep good protection inside the perimeter and will not pass it. By placing a transmitter in the middle of the configured sector, intermittent signals will be sent to the dog’s collar.

Once the transmitter is configured, an audible tone will be emitted when the animal begins to approach the limits established in the circle, alerting the owner of the possible risk of danger. In case the dog gets closer to the edge, a correction signal will be issued, which will not hurt him, to indicate that he must retreat.

This same procedure will be repeated in all the collars that you have activated in the pets, having the security and the confidence that your dogs will be well protected and will not be in danger of suffering accidents or hurting someone.

The radio signal that the transmitter emits is 17.5 kHz in the vicinity of the house. It is important to train the dog to obey when he hears the warning sound or, otherwise, he will receive a correction.

Following the simple instructions that come in the manual, you can configure the system in a short time. It can be connected to any outlet that works with 110V, but it is not recommended to use the 220V current.


  • Facetable for several dogs
  • Easy to install
  • 5 levels of correction


  • Only works in the circular circuit

7. PetSafe Stubborn Dog Stay + Play Wireless Fence

This fence has 4 forms of correction and a silent way to stimulate vibrations. In addition, the collar has protection against water, works with the inclusion of simple batteries of 9 V.

The system can be applied to several collars, in the case of having several dogs. The system consists of a fence that is buried, which has five options to correct the pet. Among these alternatives, there is a method that can give you sound and vibration.

It is especially aimed at dogs that have problems adapting to training and following guidelines. It can be as useful for a dog as for several, it offers a way to prevent the pet from running out and running without limitations, exposing its safety.

It can be used in dogs of 8 pounds and up. The equipment comes with a transmitter that can be adapted to electricity, the dog collar has a receiver and can be adjusted to a pet with collars that measure from 6 inches to 28 inches.

The 50 flags to achieve the training comes with the equipment so that they are placed in view and the dog can detect that a limit is established there. Also included is a 9V battery, the capsules used to make the connection are waterproof, the cables come separately.

It presents a test system that is operated with lights, each of the centers where it connects can be changed and come in several long and short measurements. The instruction manual has a very detailed guide to performing the training of the pet.

It has a fairly high intensity, with the purpose of dominating pets with complicated characters. The operating autonomy extends to reach 10 acres of land. In addition, it has the possibility to extend, acquiring more cable and flags.

The receiver tells you when the battery is low and requires recharging. For the necklaces that are required you have to adopt a PRF-275-19 system. The tone method is aimed at dogs that have hearing problems.


  • Coverage 10 acres and can be expanded
  • Specific for difficult pets and with problems to listen
  • Low battery indicator


  • It can not be used on dogs under 8 pounds

8. PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence

It can be used on pets that are over 8 pounds and with necks that measure 6 inches and up to 28 inches. It comes with 4 ways to correct in a static way and one way that only works with sound.

The whole necklace has protection against water. The system is installed in a simple way, you just have to program the transmitter inside the house and proceed to open a trench, to put the conductor cable making a closed circuit.

The length of the cable is 500 feet and is able to protect a distance of about 5 more acres, by purchasing flags and additional cable. Once the wire is inserted into the ground, the indicator flags will be placed to establish the limits to the dog.

Each time you approach one of them, an alarm will be issued and, immediately, the pet will retreat. It is possible to train several dogs with this system, simply buy extra collars, and program them.


  • It can expand up to 5 acres
  • It works with several dogs
  • 5 forms of correction


  • You must dig in the yard to install the cable

9. Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation

Undoubtedly, this version comes with many benefits for both pets and owners. It has an extension of 121000 yards2 and has options of measures from 500 to 2500 standard.

It is possible to adapt the collars to the electronic devices and in addition, it brings 3 antennas separately, more than 12 ways to verify the battery and other innovative elements. It is completely waterproof, being able to submerge the collar to a depth of 100 feet.

In this way, the pet can enjoy a day of swimming pool without problems that the system deteriorates or the signal is interrupted, because it will remain protected. The cable adapts to any shape you require in the yard, you can place it around specific areas and continue to delimit another area.

Definitely, has all the power to efficiently control the dog and bring peace of mind to the owners. It covers about 25 acres in any direction, provides all the tools to train the dog and keep it within the safety fence.

It adapts to different measures from one acre and can cover 25 acres, without interference problems with other fences. The safety limit can be set from a few inches to about 32 feet, according to the requirements of the owner and the dog.

It is not susceptible to temperature changes, so it can work in extreme climates and in areas where the power is not very strong because it is integrated with innovative elements that will ensure its stability.

The collar can be adjusted to pets weighing under 8 pounds, is the lightest and easiest to carry. The contacts for the collar come in various sizes and with protection so as not to damage the dog’s skin.

It has 8 levels of correction, among which you can choose the right one for the dog. Several pets can be trained on land ranging from ½ acre to 25 acres. The collars can be programmed individually, according to the character of each dog.


  • 8 correction levels
  • 8 correction levels
  • Waterproof and submersible
  • Waterproof and submersible
  • 12 battery check options


  • It must be installed underground

Long-Range Dog Fence For Small & Large Dogs

There are multiple alternatives to protect pets in the external areas of homes. In the wireless fencing reviews for long-range dogs 2021 are wireless and wired fences, which can cover large areas of the surface.

The size of the dog is not determinant for the operation of these fences. The system has a series of corrections, which vary from one device to another, through which the dog is kept within a delimited perimeter, previously, by the owner.

The transmitter emits warning signals, in case the pet approaches the security limit, established around the cable buried or fixed wirelessly. The receiver that carries the dog’s collar receives the warning of danger and an indicator is activated.

This indicator can be through an audible tone, both by the dog and by the owner, and if not taken into account and continue moving closer to the edge, a vibration and/or a moderate shock will be activated, which will not affect the dog but it will keep him away from danger.

Each receiver has a reader that indicates the amount of charge that the battery has, so you should be aware of this measurement. You can find containment systems that are valid for dogs of certain weights and measures.

Generally, they come for dogs that have more than 8 pounds, with necks between 6 and 28 inches, to cater for large and small animals. Keep in mind that physical fences may not work for large pets, because they can easily jump.

Other alternatives are available to extend the reach and make it possible to reach a greater number of acres. The model called Extreme Dog Fence comes with five ways to increase the coverage limit.

In certain cases, there may be problems in terms of signal interruption, due to obstacles in the ground or the intervention of metal objects, which could make the intensity dull.

That is why it is necessary to install the long-range fence, following the instructions specified by the manufacturer and monitoring each of the steps. In addition, the adjustment of the collar must be the correct one to make the signal arrive easily.

If you want to extend the perimeter of the fence, you simply have to acquire a larger amount of cable, if necessary, to increase the number of receivers and increase the power of the transmitter so that the maneuvering range can be extended without difficulty.

Wireless Dog Fence For Large Acreage

The advisable method of the wireless fence for dogs for large acres 2021 is the one that can be installed without the need to open furrows in the ground. In addition, it has the ability to move anywhere.

Thanks to the fact that it has no wiring and works independently, only with the signal emitted by the transmitter, it becomes easier to take it to open places for family vacations, without having to disassemble all the equipment.

For this reason, it is designed to be charged in the current of the vehicle or with any form of alternative recharge. This gives the owner the freedom to keep his pet safe and protected wherever he goes.

In contrast, fences with cabling do not allow them to be moved to other sites and may suffer interference, if the cable is exposed, as it could be damaged by the effect of external agents, such as water and sun.

In short, wireless fences can provide greater coverage and serve several dogs at the same time. That is why they are becoming increasingly popular and are becoming the perfect solution to have a pet in full freedom.

So, you can install a wireless system to protect pets in the external areas of the home and ensure maximum safety of the animal and complete peace of mind of the owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far will a wireless dog fence work?

If you use a GPS-based wireless system, you can cover 496 acres of land. But for wireless fences, maximum area coverage can be 1,000 feet in diameter. That is also possible if there are not many hurdles, the land is flat, and there are fewer metal objects.

What is the strongest wireless dog fence?

For stubborn pets who need a strong fence to hold them within their boundaries, people are trusting PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence. It has the strongest receiver collar with high correction levels and an electric stimulator. It also covers 25 acres for your hound to run freely with an option to add as many dogs as you want, just by getting collars for them.

What is the range of a PetSafe wireless fence?

The maximum range is 90 ft. for any of the PetSafe wireless fences. But with an additional transmitter, you can extend the range even more. Just remember not to put two transmitters more than 150 ft. apart. The 30 ft. overlapping coverage will ensure the safety of your loving pooch.

How do I train my dog to use a wireless fence?

Before using any wireless fence system, you should train your dog. It is the most crucial part and requires a lot of patience and time. You can follow the following steps to get started;

Take 3 to 4 sessions of 10-15 minutes of boundary awareness every day.
Introduce them to the lowest static corrections at the collar.
Distract your pup with its favorite toys and give him a lot of treats and encouragement.
Now remove their leash and observe their behavior.
It may take a few weeks or two to three months for your dog to get used to the wireless fence. So be patient with them.


We think they all serve the purpose of keeping your pup safe. But the one we really find the best is PetSafe Stay and Play. It is an affordable and portable device. You can take it with you while moving. No digging and no wiring are needed.

The vast majority are waterproof, which is a great advantage because it will not be damaged by the effect of rain. There are even receivers that allow the dog to dive to a certain depth without the risk of damage. In short, it is the best option.


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