The Poodle has been a favorite of many people for many years. The reason being is their fancy haircuts and the smaller breeds such as the toy poodle or the miniature poodle. These dogs love people, other dogs, and are even pretty good with strangers. They can be a good guard dog because they are quite the barker. Therefore, you will always know when someone is knocking at your door.

Poodles have been known for their swimming ability so if you like going swimming yourself then you will have a good partner to go with you. Throwing a stick or a ball in the water will make your Poodle very happy to go out and fetch.

Poodles are also known as good show dogs. With their beautiful fur coats and the style of their cut, makes them a very beautiful breed to watch in any dog show ring. Poodles have been known to take the crown when it comes to dog shows.

Poodles are very smart and good to train. They love learning new tricks and new tasks to perform. Make sure with your Poodle that you keep their body as well as their mind exercised. This makes the Poodle very happy and also helps to stay healthy and live longer.


The poodle is a large dog, but do not let their size fool you. The ears are wide and hang down next to their face. Their eyes are an oval shape and are normally a dark color. The brown colored poodles have dark amber eyes and the white and apricot poodles have amber colored eyes, but they are normally a dark color. The poodle’s length is about the same as their height. Poodle’s tails are docked about half the length that they normally are. Many people today are leaving the tails on their poodles just as they are and not docking them like they once were Their feet are small and have an oval shape to them.

Their coats can be cut in different ways. You can have the regular pet clip, which is just a normal clipping at the groomer. Another way is called the continental clip. This is where the rear of the dog is shaved and bracelets left around the ankles of the poodle and pom-poms left on the tail and on their hips. If you are familiar with the poodle then you know how they look with this style. Their coats can be in solid colors of black, brown, gray, apricot, white, and cream.

The height for Poodles is 15 inches or more for both males and females. The weight for males range between 45 pounds to 70 pounds and the females range between 45 pounds to 60 pounds. The females are a little smaller than the males are which is normal for most dog breeds.


Poodles are the type of dog that is very smart and one of the best trainable dog breeds around. Poodles are also a very happy dog and can be sensitive with their feelings. Unlike the smaller poodles the standard poodle is a calm dog. You do not have to worry about this breed having a problem with people because they enjoy people and even strangers giving them attention. Strangers, children, and just about everyone will be treated the same with a Poodle. The standard poodles are good with other dogs and they can also be good watch dogs, as well. Strangers are not for sure if a barking dog will bite or if he is all show, therefore their voice is a great way to detour break-ins.

Poodles are inactive indoors, but they can be all right for an apartment life as long as they are exercised a great deal. A small yard is fine for them, but if you have the room for them to run, it would be better.


To keep your poodles happy and healthy then make sure to give them not only physical exercise but also mental exercise as well. Poodles need a great deal of grooming and professional grooming at that with little at home grooming. So, make sure to give them a good brushing so no knots or tangles are allowed in the fur. These knots and tangles can damage the skin.

If you have allergies to dogs then this is a good dog for you because their shedding is very light to none. Make sure to have their nails trimmed regularly. It is a good idea to check their ears for ear mites and dirt as they can be come infected. Their teeth also need brushing regularly.


The origin of this breed is not for sure. They have been known around Western Europe for over 400 years. The Poodle has been mentioned in a few different places such as France, Germany, Denmark, and the ancient Piedmont, which is believed to be the origin. But after many despites of other countries it is now being said that France is the place of the Poodles. You will see a big deal of Poodles around France. It has been said that the poodle is descended from the almost extinct French water dog, the Barbet and some wonder about the Hungarian Water Hound as well.

This breed has gotten their name “Poodle” from the German word “Pudel” which means one who plays in water. The Poodle has been used as a gun dog and also in Germany they were use as a retriever for waterfowl. The hunters would clip their very thick coats to help them with their swimming and also protect their joints and such from the cold water and the sharp reeds that were found in the water.

With the Poodles being so smart, so trainable, and their showmanship the French used them in the circus and they were a big hit. With them being a big hit in France they were then called the “French Poodle”.

Poodles have been seen in 15th century paintings and in bas-reliefs from the 1st century. They became royalty’s favorite breeds around the 18th century. Today there are different breeds of the poodle such as the standard poodle, miniature poodle, and the toy poodle. These breeds came around from breeding with the larger poodles. As of today, the Poodle is mainly used for being someone’s companion and for being a wonderful sight in dog shows. With poodles being so smart they can learn almost anything you want to teach them.

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