PetSafe Wireless Fence PIF-300 Reviews

The process of training a pet can be tedious and stressful but we make this easy with PIF-300 wireless fence. In addition, not all owners of a dog have the patience or character necessary to undertake this task.

However, it is very important to establish limits and, for your peace of mind, it is advisable that the animal concedes and respect the area of action allowed.

PetSafe Wireless Fence PIF-300 Review

Fortunately, with the PetSafe PIF-300 wireless fence, this work can be very easy and fun. It is a wireless pet restraint system that facilitates training while you play with your dog. Being a dog owner I must consider things for his safety and if I want to control him I must go for the safest option.

PetSafe Wireless Fence PIF-300 Reviews

Enjoy the tranquility that this product gives you, backed by years of expertise and the quality of which they support a brand like PetSafe. Get a Guide to wireless dog fences and read reviews.

The operation of the system is very simple since it is based on an alert mechanism through tones and slight static discharges. The equipment requires no cables or connections and is very light, which makes it very easy to move.

But let’s do a complete review of the characteristics of this system so you can evaluate for yourself if it suits your needs.

First, it is a recommended equipment for dogs over 8 pounds (about 3.5 kg) and whose neck has a diameter between 6-28 (15-70 cm, approximately), so it adapts to a large number of races.

And if you have several animals, you will appreciate the possibility of adding an unlimited number of pets, controlled from the same central unit, provided that each one of them uses additional waterproof and wireless collars.

By the way, it is worth noting that all the necklaces are equipped with a rechargeable battery type RDA-67, which you can replace without difficulty when it reaches its useful life.

Thing You Get in this Package

The PetSafe PIF-300 wireless fence is a very complete system that comes equipped with a wireless transmitter, adapter, collar, battery, operation, and training manual, as well as an electricity test tool, long contact points for hair dogs, and 50 border demarcation flags.


In general, it is quite easy to configure the system, and according to the experience of the users, you can have it operational in a period no greater than 1 to 2 hours. Among the options that you will have to program is the one of static correction, with five adjustable levels, or the alternative of having the only tone that alerts when the dog exceeds the established limits.

1) Coverage Area And Correction Level

The PetSafe PIF-300 wireless fence covers an area of 180 feet, which can be expanded using additional wireless transmitters. The automatic 30-second correction shutdown mechanism is very practical.

2) Performance

Although the PetSafe PIF-300 wireless fence offers excellent quality and optimum performance, in addition to the comfort and safety features for your pet, like any wireless pet restraint system, its operation can be affected by the conditions of the terrain or the presence of equipment that interfere with the transmission of the signal. In general, this type of mechanism works better on flat terrains without slopes or hills. Also, the proximity of metal objects or electronic equipment, such as televisions or radios, can cause interruptions in their operation.

Without fear of being wrong, we can say that the PetSafe PIF-300 wireless pet restraint system is a security mechanism for pets with very useful and advanced features. Its compact and lightweight design makes it very light and comfortable equipment for your dog, and an ally for you, because it will allow you fast, effective, and personalized training.

3) Security

Its ease of transport and the possibility of expanding the security area by incorporating additional transmitters make the PetSafe PIF-300 wireless fence a very versatile alternative. Not in vain, those who have used it consider that this is the best wireless fence system, for its convenience of use and the security it provides your pet. It is a product with an excellent relationship between quality and performance, which has been awarded 4.1 stars -about a rating of 5 among Amazon customers, obtaining a prominent third place in the category of Radio and Wireless Fences.


  • Among the many advantages offered by the PetSafe PIF-300 wireless fence, it is easy to establish the confinement area, allowing it to be adjusted from half an acre (approximately 2000 m2) to 180 feet (16.7 m2).
  • Also, it is also very simple to install, and it will not take you more than two hours to program the field of action.
  • As for its design, we are not only talking about very light equipment, and therefore easily transportable, but it has been conceived to make the collar, the transmitter and the flags very comfortable.
  • And since each pet is special, the personalized warning options of the static modes, as well as the unique tone, will allow you to select the stimuli that best suit your dog’s response. Equally, it is valued that it has a warning tone, which emits an alert when the pet is located very close to the limit so that you can take some measure before it is transferred.

On the other hand, both the receiver and the collar have been made with waterproof materials and designs, which allow them to adapt to all kinds of inclement weather without affecting their operation.

Inattention to that continuity of service that is so appreciated when we are training a pet, the collar is provided with an indicator that warns us when the battery needs a recharge, this is excellent since we can recharge the battery before it runs out.

The correction signal has an automatic shut-off mechanism after 30 seconds and repeats every 5 minutes.


  • Its operation altered due to interferences that cause the transmission signal to be lost.
  • On the other hand, cases have been reported in which the system has issued a static warning to the animal, even when it is within the established limits.

Final Verdict:

So, this is our review of PetSafe Wireless Fence PIF-300. If you have a dog in the house and you are worried about safety then you should get this system. A lot of brands have good qualities but you find this original one. This is a complete package and you don’t have to buy any extra things.

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