Pet Medications

Discount pet medications are advertised all over the internet and on TV these days. But are they safe for the average pet owner to buy and use?

The question about the safety of discount pet medications is a valid one. If your pet becomes ill, your veteran will prescribe appropriate medication. If the medication is too expensive, you have an opportunity to ask if there is a less expensive medication available that is just as effective and safe. It should be a medication that has very few side effects when administered over a long term.

Contact Your Vet Before Buying Discount Pet Medications

Sometimes in our endeavor to help our pets when they are sick, we may think that by researching the various medications online and finding one that is not only appropriate but inexpensive; that we are saving money in vet bills and the more expensive medications the vet may prescribe.

Let’s assume your pet contracts tapeworm, round worm or any one of a host of illnesses that needs to be treated. Should you check online to find the appropriate medication? If you find a specific type of medication that seems a bit costly, do you look further to find a cheaper brand? Are discount pet medications safe?

The problem is that every pet is different; that medications prescribed by a vet depend on age, breed, and weight. Can we honestly make the same judgment on what type of medication is best for our pet based on price? Do we want to take the chance that the medication chosen is the correct one?

Don’t Buy The Wrong Discount Pet Medications

Never self diagnose! The question is whether or not we, as pet owners, are qualified to make such a diagnosis and administer the medication to our beloved pets. If, on the other hand, a vet recommends a discounted medication, or we can find the “exact same medicine” at a low cost, then go for it.

Buyer be warned, just as there are unscrupulous sellers throughout the world who sell prescription medications online that are tainted or consist of placebos to humans, so too, shopping for discount pet medications without the benefit of the expertise of a vet can be a very bad experience.

Be sure to talk to a qualified vet to determine what is wrong with your pet and then discuss the medication options. Then if you can put your mind at ease and purchase discount pet medications from a reputable supplier such as, 800PetMeds. That way you’ll know your pet is getting the correct medicine he needs and your getting a price you can afford.

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