It’s called the greatest city in the world for a reason. If you live in the Big Apple and own a pet you can get the best care money can buy. Make no mistake, the premiums can be a bit steep but it is worth it considering the expenses of emergency care. Let’s take a look at how to approach the subject of pet insurance in NY.

Pet Insurance in New York City: An Overview

Healthcare costs are increasing everywhere in the country. And New York is no exception. That is why, whether it is cats or dogs or exotic pets, getting pet insurance in NY is an excellent idea so that you never have to skimp out on affordable care.

Having a Pet in NYC

While there are many low-cost pet care options, you want to start by looking into pet insurance companies. From food to vet visits to grooming needs and travel crates, pet parents spend a lot on their four-legged companions. In fact, pet parents in the city have said that grooming alone costs $65 to $125 each time.

Pet deposits can be anywhere from $25 per month to $500 per annum and these can be non-refundable. Dog walking, when outsourced can cost about $30 a day. These are just the basics. And unless you’re a cast member of Friends or How I Met Your Mother, you are likely to move and with a pet, that has its own complications. You have to find a place big enough for all of you and one that is pet friendly. With all of this going on, you need to think of emergency care bills and make a plan so that you don’t go bankrupt.

Pet Insurance Prices

Insurance in most places depends on the company, the age and breed of your pet. And while you can’t change many of those specifics, the one thing you might have some control over is the location—“might” being the operative word. Here’s what pet insurance in NY looks like, area wise.

At $65.79 a month, the premiums are the most expensive for Manhattan residents. Brooklyn is a close second at $57.04 a month. Then there’s Syracuse at $45.67 a month and Buffalo is at $43.54 a month. Albany is the lowest at $39.29 a month.

This is just a sample quote for a three-year-old mixed-breed dog which is about 21-70 pounds. Of course, it is slightly cheaper if you have a cat.

Top-Rated Insurance for Dogs and Cats in New York

Here’s a look at three of the top-rated insurers in the city.

Healthy Paws: Best Overall

This is an extremely popular company with policies for cats and dogs from the age of eight weeks to 14 years. If you do insure your pet before they turn 14, you get the same benefits. Healthy Paws has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is known to provide excellent customer care.

They have one accident and illness plan that can be customized for reimbursement limits and deductibles. And thankfully, there is no maximum payout limit on it.

Depending on the plan, the monthly costs start at $17 for cats and $32 for dogs. The company co-pays 10 to 30 percent after the deductible which is $100 to $500 per annum. And as mentioned above, there is no payout limit.

This insurer processes claims on their online portal as well as a mobile app for your convenience. And it usually takes them 10 business days (although almost all claims are processed in about two days which is even better).

PetPremium: For Low-priced Wellness Plans

This pet insurer is known in the industry for its low-prices coverage plans with two preventive care options as add-ons. And if you choose it for another pet, you will get at least a 10 percent discount. It has an A+ rating with the BBB with absolutely no complaints on file which is, you must amidst, very impressive.

Depending on the plan, the monthly costs of PetPremium’s plans start at $9 for cats and $12 for dogs. The deductibles are $100 to $500 per annum and the company co-pays 10 to 30 percent after the deductible. The payout limits go from $2,500 to unlimited depending on your choice.

Now, this company has a waiting period of 30 days for illness coverage but with accidents and wellness care, there is no waiting at all. That is not a common provision. They take some time (30 days) to process your claims which is the only gaping con in the plan.

Aetna: For Customizable Plans

This is a pet insurance company that is very well known for its flexibility of policies. The plans are attractive because pet owners have the freedom to customize them in terms of coverage extensions or cancellations depending on the pet’s age. Their insurance is delivered through PetsBest which has an A+ rating with the BBB and is known to process claims really quickly.

Aetna’s accident-only plan starts at $6 for cats and $9 for dogs when the national average is $12 for cats and $15 for dogs. There is an accident and illness coverage plan that costs lower than the national average of $27 for cats and $44 for dogs.

There is a wellness plan which is optional and starts at $16 per month and can go to $26 a month depending on the specifics of your choice.

The average monthly costs of most Aetna plans start at $16 for cats and $30 for dogs. The deductibles are at $50 to $1,000 per annum and the company co-pays 20 percent after the deductible. Depending on your choices, you can get a payout limit of $5,000 or none at all.

You can submit the claims from their app or online portal and expect them to be processed in about five days. You can receive the money through direct deposit if you choose.

In Conclusion

You might consider pet insurance in NY city to be an expensive and optional expense. But when you live in a city that never sleeps, prevention is certainly better than cure. And while we can’t predict cancer in our pets, we can make arrangements to take care of it.

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