There’s no better feeling than watching your pet run loose (and safe) out in the open. And in New Hampshire that is not a challenge at all. It is a pet-friendly state with a lot of beaches and parks that allow pets, especially dogs, to be off their leash. The weather is good and one need not fear fleas or ticks. But accidents and illnesses do not consider geography. And as a pet owner, you must always be vigilant and prepared. The best way to do that is to understand the pet laws and teach yourself the basics of pet insurance in New Hampshire. Don’t worry. We’ll help you out with that.

Pet Insurance in New Hampshire

From Foss Beach to Benson Park, there are a lot of places to visit with your canine. It’s an activity that brings great joy to pets and their parents. But it’s no good if you’re constantly worried about your pet getting sick or injured. Pet insurance is the one thing that will keep your mind at ease.

To understand how much it costs to get pet insurance in New Hampshire, take a look at five cities in the granite state. If you have a mixed-breed, male dog which is medium sized, here’s what the monthly costs will look like. The sample quote is from Healthy Paws and we will elaborate on that in a minute.

If you are in Manchester, it will be $40.06 and it is similar in Concord and Dover at $40.32. In Nashua, it is $43.73, and in Derry, it drops to $36.65. If you are a lower-income household, you can get different kinds of services.

  1. If you want to get your pet neutered or spayed, consider a voucher from Midcoast Humane.
  2. Plan B in Concord from the NH Animal Control Population Control Program is also pretty good.
  3. Then there is the New Hampshire Humane Society in Laconia which also has some helpful services but you have to apply first.
  4. Finally, there’s the Loudon Food Pantry which will help you with the costs of taking care of a pet.

From these resources, you can get nutritious food neutering services, vaccinations or medical assistance.

Best Pet Insurance in New Hampshire

Now let’s jump into the choice of pet insurance in New Hampshire for the residents of this great state.

Healthy Paws

Our first recommendation is Healthy Paws which is one of the most popular companies for the job in this industry. That should come as no surprise considering the benefits they offer.

Their insurance policies are underwritten by The Chubb Group and they have a rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Healthy Paws offers some comprehensive plans with the option of unlimited payouts. Whether your pet is sick or has an injury, these guys know how to take care of the financial burden. While you must note that they will not cover pre-existing conditions, also note that they have options for congenital or hereditary conditions. That is quite generous considering how uncommon the offer is.

They also offer the benefit of novel alternative therapies like hydrotherapy, chiropractic and physical therapy. Healthy Paws has policies with unlimited benefits that can last the lifetime of your dog or cat. There is no limit on incidents per year which means you can take your baby to the vet multiple times for the same problem (like an injury). And you can always choose to get unlimited benefits on all plans.

The deductibles are to be paid for once a year on the enrollment date anniversary and that way, you get to keep your premium rates at a minimum. Speaking of which, the average monthly premium is $33 for dogs and $17 for cats.

Your reimbursement options are a standard choice between 70 or 80 or 90 percent. This is decided when you enroll and you must produce a vet’s bill and get paid after you meet your deductible.

This company is known for filing claims very quickly and that is partially because the process is digitized and easy to take care of.


Out second recommendation is another popular pet insurance company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They offer a standard plan which covers accidents and illnesses but there is also coverage for alternative treatments if you pick your wellness plan wisely. These treatments are usually not covered by other pet insurers because they include prosthetic limbs and behavioral therapy which can be expensive. Embrace offers them under its wellness plans. If you want coverage for prescription drugs, you must pay more.

The benefit limit under Embrace’s plans starts at $5,000 and goes on up to $30,000 if you enroll online or on the phone. This gives pet owners more options and helps them keep their premiums low. These monthly premiums are typically at $12.95 for dogs and $8.95 for cats.

The deductibles, which are met annually at the time of policy renewal, can be chosen from $200, $300, $500, $750 and $1,000. The reimbursement choices are pretty standard at 70 percent or 80 percent or 90 percent.

This company is known for providing top of the line customer service. You can upload your claims online or through their app (that is available for Android and iOS users) or even send it via mail. If you set up a direct deposit, you will get reimbursed sooner.

Additionally, you can get a $50 monthly discount for every year that went by without any reimbursements. This is called a healthy pet deductible because you were such a good parent.

Pets Best

Last, but of course not least is Pet Best insurance which is primarily for dogs and cats. They have been around since 2006 and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Their pet policies are underwritten by the American Pet Insurance Company and they have a standard list of incidents that all the plans cover.

  • Accidents
  • Illnesses
  • Hereditary conditions that are not pre-existing
  • Emergency care
  • Prescription medication

Are all taken care of under standard coverage.

But specifically speaking, they have Plus and Elite plans which are their top two options. These plans cover alternative therapies like Rehab therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic and also exam fees.

The policies from Pets Best offer unlimited benefits on the Elite plan. The rest come with an annual limit of $5,000. The deductibles start at $50 and go up to $1,000 which can be customized according to your requirements. The average monthly premium rate is a bit more competitive even though the top-tier Elite plan is a bit expensive. The premium depends on your location, pet’s age and breed. But the plans start at about $30 for dogs and $17 for cats. If you add a wellness package, you will have to pay an extra $16 per month.

The reimbursement percentage is, as usual, a choice between 70 percent, 80 percent or 90 percent on the invoice. Your claims are likely to be processed very quickly, possibly in just a week. If you want it taken care of sooner, you can sign up for a direct deposit. And luckily, the premium stays the same regardless of the number of claims submitted in a year.

The Bottom Line

Whether it is routine care or unexpected sickness or accident care, it is clear that dogs are a bit more expensive to take care of than cats. That does not dictate your choice of a pet but it is always a good piece of information to keep at the back of your head.

You must also understand that between accident & illness insurance and wellness insurance, a lot of pet owners consider the former to be a must but the latter to be optional. There is no right or wrong when it comes to these choices. You need to understand the needs of your dog and your financial capabilities.

The best way to approach this is to find a policy that takes care of hereditary and congenital diseases. Look for coverage for diagnostics like X-rays and MRIs in the injuries section. You must also aim for a policy that gives emergency coverage by any vet in the country. A good plan also comes with specialist coverage and hospitalization is not optional, especially for those who have senior pets. To make sure that their difficult days are as comfortable as we would like ours to be is the least we can do for our pets.

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