Did you know that Indiana is home to hundreds of big cats?  Several private owners have permission to keep lions and tigers on their property. The Big Cat Rescue Center in Brazil takes in unwanted or mistreated cats and cares for them. You can schedule a fun and educational family trip to get a tour through the many different wildcats housed at the rescue center. They receive free care from kind-hearted vets and Purdue University veterinary students. Unless your household kitty is also a tiger, you’ll probably have to pay full price at the vet’s office. That’s one reason why it’s so important to have pet insurance.

If you’re a rural Hoosier, you probably let your cat or dog play outside on a regular basis. You might even keep a barn cat or let Fido roam the neighborhood. Spending time outdoors increases the risk of injury or disease. Your pet might get hit by a car, injured by a wild animal or pick up a nasty illness. Pet insurance can help keep your costs down and make veterinary care more affordable.

Even urban centers like Indianapolis and Fort Wayne have their dangers. Your animal could get into a fight with a neighbor or sprain a muscle at the Broad Ripple Dog Park. Chronic diseases pop up later in life and can cost thousands of dollars. Could you afford a $5,000 surgery for hip dysplasia or monthly veterinary visits for a cat with kidney issues? Purchasing pet insurance when your animal is young lets you lock into low monthly payments that will help your pocketbook in the golden years of your pet’s life.

Hoosiers are lucky to live in a state with a top-notch veterinary school. Purdue University graduates around 150 new veterinarians every year. They’re trained in the latest techniques for caring for your companion animals. However, they have massive student loans to pay off. That’s one reason why the cost of pet care is  rising quickly.  As co
lleges charge more and more tuition every year, that cost is ultimately passed on to you, the consumer. You can protect yourself from those rising costs with pet health insurance.

Whether you live in rural Indiana or Monument Circle in Indianapolis, your pets deserve to be covered with pet insurance. These programs save you big bucks when it comes to veterinary care, and they ensure the furry members of your family will always have access to treatment. Several different pet insurance companies provide coverage in the state. A review site can help you determine the best insurer for your needs.

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