Veterinary bills are often extremely expensive, and this is certainly true in Georgia. While pet owners have to pay vet bills for checkups and other routine expenses, there also is the possibility that your pet could suffer a sudden emergency. Some types of emergencies could cost you thousands of dollars. When a pet suffers from chronic health problems, it is possible that you might have to pay sky-high veterinary bills over the course of a long time. Routine expenses for pets alone average at over 500 dollars per pet. Due to the expenses that you could have to pay for veterinary care, it is essential that Georgia residents purchase health insurance for their pets.

Furthermore, it is important to make sure that you are getting your pet a good plan. There are many plans that do not provide high quality care or may even only cover expenses as a result of an emergency. These plans are likely to leave you out in the cold if your pet suffers a long-term condition or are just going to the vet for routine care. Luckily, there are plans available in Georgia that do not have these loopholes.

While not all pet insurance companies offer insurance to Georgia residents, there are many that do. Some of them can be viewed here:


While Geico is best known for their car insurance, they also offer other types of coverage, such as pet insurance. Geico pet insurance covers a vast majority of illnesses and injuries that your pet(s) could suffer. Furthermore, they can pay as much as 90% of the veterinary bill. In addition to covering accidents and illnesses, Geico covers routine vet bills, such as spaying and neutering. In addition, they make it possible for Georgia residents to conveniently get a quote online. Geico pet insurance tends to have affordable rates, but the specific price that you will pay varies depending on individual circumstances.


Embrace is well known for their high quality pet insurance. They can cover vet bills incurred in all major cities of Georgia, such as Atlanta, Athens, Savannah, Roswell, Macon, and Columbus. Embrace offers affordable rates, and they cover both accidents and injuries. As with Geico, the specific rate will vary depending on your individual circumstances. This quote can be obtained from their website. In addition to further information about their insurance policies, Embrace also offers phone numbers of veterinary associations in Georgia.

McEver and Tribble:

McEver and Tribble is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and they offer quality pet insurance plans to residents located throughout the state. Their plans cover both accidents and illnesses, and it is quite convenient to get a quote. Once you are covered by McEver and Tribble, you will have access to an excellent quality of customer service that exceeds what is provided by many insurance companies.

Guard My Pet:

Guard My Pet is another great provider of pet insurance. They make it possible to get a quote online from their website, and their rates are affordable. In fact, Guard My Pet is thought by many to be the most affordable provider of pet insurance. In addition, their plans cover both accidents and injuries. This will ensure that your pet is always covered when he or she needs veterinary care. Guard My Pet even offers plans that are aimed at senior dogs.

Pet Plan:

Pet Plan can cover as much as 90% of veterinary expenses. Pet Plan covers vet bills for both accidents and illnesses, and it is easy to get a quote from them online. There also is an online claims center that you can use if your pet ever requires veterinary care. When you get pet insurance from Pet Plan, the company offers quality customer service.

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