Pet Insurance: Age Matters

Age is an important consideration when buying pet insurance.  It will make a great difference in how much your policy will cost you or even if you can get one at all.  When your pet is quite young, just like a human child, it doesn’t know enough to stay out of trouble.  And when it reaches it’s golden years it will have more medical needs just like humans do.

When Can My Puppy or Kitten Get Pet Insurance?

Most pet insurance companies will insure your pet once they reach the age of 8 weeks.  There is some wiggle room in this so check with your insurer but it’s a good rule of thumb.

This may be the best time to acquire a pet insurance policy.  Even though very young pets tend to need insurance more than a more mature pet it tends to be less expensive because the insurance company is taking the long view.  They are betting that once you see the value of a pet health insurance policy you will keep your pet insured for life.

Why Get Pet Insurance For A Young Pet?

You may be wondering why you need pet insurance more often for a very young pet. Well, quite simply, they don’t know enough to keep out of trouble.  For example puppies often eat things that an older dog would simply know not to.

Need proof?  Here is a list of the 10 things most commonly removed from a dog by surgery.

1. Socks
2. Underwear
3. Panty Hose
4. Rocks
5. Balls
6. Chew Toys
7. Corn Cobs
8. Bones
9. Hair Ties/Ribbons
10. Sticks

Pet Insurance Information For Older Pets

We all know that the older our pet gets the more likely he or she will need medical care.  That’s just life.  You can bet pet insurance companies know this too.  That is why most of them have a cut off age beyond which you can not buy first time insurance for your pet.  This varies from company to company and is different for different species but is generally between the age of 8 and 10.

If you have an existing policy in good standing, that is one you purchased when your animal was younger and kept up, it may be possible to keep it in force for the life of your pet.  No matter how old they eventually become.  This is part of the “fine print” you should be sure you understand of before you purchase your pet policy.

Whether your pet is very young, very old or somewhere in between pet insurance can make their lives safer and more comfortable.  It can give you peace of mind knowing you can provide for the ever changing needs of your pet thru the years without going into debt to do so.

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