Pet Assure Insurance Review

Founded in 1995, Pet Assure has given many pet parents the opportunity to obtain hassle-free healthcare for all different kinds of animals with any health conditions. It is designed so people won’t have to worry about deductibles, coverage denial, or claims forms. As soon as they take their animals to the vet their coverage is supposed to kick in immediately. According to their website, approximately 150,000 individuals use this coverage for their pets and people can save 25% on every veterinary visit. It’s a great way to get protection for your loving pets as well as give yourself peace of mind.

pet-assure-insurance-reviewThis company is best for all sorts of animals, including cats and dogs. For example, some clients can receive as much as $100 to $500 in claims for surgeries such as mass removals, deducting up to hundreds of dollars from their bills. Claims can go up to $1,000 on older animals with serious diseases such as kidney disease as well. Prices do vary, however, and they usually depend on what kind of condition the ill animal has. These conditions can range from nearly anything, including vomiting, diarrhea, tooth extract, and bites from other animals.

Another great perk about using Pet Assure is that it can either be used separately as your main form of coverage or with another form of insurance as a supplement. It’s especially great for regular vet visits or certain illnesses like a cold, worms, or virus. The company also offers a 45 day risk-free trial, that way pet parents can decide whether or not they want to keep the coverage for long-term use. Another amazing fact about Pet Assure is that not only can any animal be aided with this coverage, but there is no limit on how much coverage an animal can receive due to age, breed, or health issue. Pet Assure can also be used in up to 4,800 veterinary clinics.

pet-assure-insurance-review-3Price per month varies depending on how large the animal is. If the animal is a dog or an even larger animal like a horse, coverage usually costs around $9.95 plus $10 processing fee per month. For a cat or smaller animal (like a rodent or small reptile) it ranges from $7.95 plus $10 processing. People can even purchase a family plan, which can include up to 4 pets of any kind, from $13.95 plus $10 processing fee. All versions of these plans also include up to 35% off pet products and a 24/7 lost pet recovery service in case your animal goes missing.

Our animals get sick and feel bad just as we can at times. It’s important to not only get them to a vet when they become ill, but to also have the right coverage to help pay for the bills that come along with a vet visit. Pet Assure is certain to be a very helpful service to have for any pet lover.

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