The Pekingese is a small well-balanced dog that has a lighter backend with a heavier front end. They are a very independent little dog. Everyone has said the Pekingese looks like a lion. Courageous with self-esteem as large as any larger dog. It is not a dainty or delicate dog like it has been said to be. They have a long flowing coat, which they love to have brushed.

Many people make a joke saying they looked like they ran into a semi because of their smashed in face. They have a broad head, which is very wide between their dark eyes. They look like they are bulging right out of their tiny little head. Their muzzle is wrinkled looking as well. Their ears are very long with the hair flowing. They have a bouncy little trot, which makes them seem to be on the prissy side. They hold their head up high thinking they are all that and more.

When you have one you can expect to have your hands full or really your lap. They are a lap dog and love to be right by you. You will have to clean the wrinkles, ears, and once in awhile and watch their eyes. They get little globs of ick in them. Their beautiful coat and dark eyes make them so sweet looking. However, it is the flat face everyone loves.


The Pekingese is a small but elegant little dog. Their long flowing coats and feathered ears are a highlight. They have protruding eyes that look almost like they are ready to pop out. The Pekingese weighs a bit more than you would imagine for such a small looking dog, the reason being they are quite muscular.

They have several colors of coat. The main ones are gold, sable, or red. Others are cream, black, white, sable, black and tan, and, once in awhile, you will find one with a blue coat. You want to make sure they have dark eyes, lips, and the rims of their eyes. If they have the lighter eyes or white with pink eyes then this is a type of Albinoism and should be watched for health problems.

The males usually weigh around 11 pounds and the females are usually around 12. They stand about 6 to 9 inches high. There have been some Pekingese that have weighed around 6 pounds and in the old days, monks would keep those inside their sleeves to ward of would-be attackers. These were Sleeve Pekingese. These little guys would pop out and just start a barking to protect their master.

They have an undershot jaw but not so severe that their teeth or tongue hangs out when the mouth is closed. Their tail flips up over their back while the hair fans out across their back. They have two coats. The outer one is long and silky while the under coat is thick and harsher. Their fur falls into a long shape and it feathers out and down to cover their feet and toes.


These little dogs are very jealous and do not think he will come when called. They are very stubborn. These little tiny bundles of joy can become very aggressive, especially with other animals and bigger dogs. Pekingese think they are royalty and expect you to think this as well. However, have a firm hand with them and they can be taught who is boss. They are a very meticulous dog and usually only get along with puppies, mates, and siblings. However, you can teach them to socialize with other dogs and they will become friends. These little dogs can be convinced to be trained, especially if they love you and you love them. Then they will do anything for you, even fight to the death for you. They do not like to be mauled or run around like other breeds. So being around children may not be a good idea. They are a large dog in a small body, expect to be treated with respect, and will not accept being treated any other way.


You should comb your Pekingese at least once a day to keep their coat nice and shiny without tangles, then to the groomer at least every three months. If they get really dirty they should be taken to the groomer before this time, because once they are dirty and dried it gets stuck and only a groomer can take care of them. Daily brushing especially the belly, and between the hind legs helps a lot to keep them clean.

You should also remember to keep the eyes cleaned as well as their wrinkles to prevent hotspots. Use a baby wipe to clean their wrinkles as this contains a moisturizer to keep it soft and subtle. This makes it easier to keep clean using one of these because you are rubbing it instead of forcing your hands into holding their head still.


The Pekingese originated from China over 2000 years ago and was only seen with member of royalty only. They were taught to carry the hem of their robes of the Chinese Imperial Court. No one could own a Pekingese unless they were of royalty. Then during the Great China war in 1860, the Franco-British forces invaded Peking and looted everywhere and this is when the Westerners got their first taste of the Dog of Peking. Five of these little dogs were in the Emperors apartment where she committed suicide because she did not make it out in time. If anyone stole or injured a Pekingese, they were sentenced to death.

These five little darlings endeared themselves to their captors and they were brought back to England. Queen Victoria received one, which she named Looty. Here she lived the life of luxury for ten royal years before passing in 1872. Every Pekingese are descendants from these five.

This is where they get their higher than almighty attitude from being treated like royalty. If you want a dog that is very comical and you can accept the fact that THEY are the boss then this is the dog for you. This is the dog that will run you and not the other way around.

With Emperor Dowager’s death in 1911, the rein of the Pekingese came to an end. The remaining Pekingese were put to death instead of letting unworthy people get them. There were a few that slipped through and went into private homes without a trace of them to be found.

The Chinese used to call them Dogs of Foo and you can see this in all the artworks that have been created with these dogs in the paintings. They are considered to be guardian spirits because they resemble Chinese lions.

The Pekingese of today is more beautiful and hardy than those of the original Chinese. If it were not for those few sneaking them out, we would not have the wonderful Pekingese.

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