Not Everyone Needs Pet Insurance

Do you need pet insurance?  This is a hot topic in the pet community these days.  Though it is a good and useful product not everyone needs a pet health plan.  But how do you know if you do or don’t?  Let’s dive into some pet insurance information and find out.

What Does Pet Insurance Do For YOU?

Pet insurance is designed to cover the unexpected and unplanned for veterinary expenses associated with owning a pet.  It is a way to protect yourself financially and emotionally when your pet gets injured or becomes ill.  Just like people health insurance, it helps pay the bills and keeps you from making medical decisions based on the balance in your bank account.

People buy pet health insurance to protect themselves financially from large unexpected veterinary bills that we all know come along when we least expect it.  Like when your new puppy eats one of the kids toys and it must be surgically removed.  Or when the cat develops diabetes.

Who Doesn’t Need Pet Insurance?

If you are capable of coming up with cash quick in an emergency, have the discipline to save or think of your pets as possessions rather than family members, then pet insurance might not be worth it for you.   If you’re the kind of pet owner who is happy just owning “A” pet not “This” pet.  If you wonder why anyone would pay for cancer treatments for their dog then a pet health policy may not be a good expense for you.

Who Needs Pet Insurance? 

The rest of us. If you are not good as saving cash for a rainy day.  If you are the kind of person who thinks of your pets as your furry, feathered or scaly children.  If you’d do anything for your pet, then pet insurance is probably a must for you.

Just remember not all pet health insurance policies are created equal.  Just because it costs more doesn’t necessarily mean it is better.  Shop around to get the right policy for you and your pets.  Here’s a quick list of questions to ask when requesting a pet policy quote:

  • What type of pets do you insure?
  • Are there any breed restrictions for dogs?
  • How much is the premium?
  • Is there a deductible?
  • Is the decidable annual or per condition?
  • Are genetic conditions covered?
  • Is cancer covered?
  • How do you determine pay out per condition?
  • How do you handle chronic yet treatable conditions like diabetes?
  • Will my premiums go up as my pet ages?
  • Can my insurance be canceled because of the age of my pet?

Bottom Line: A Pet Health Policy Gives You Peace Of Mind

That way you’ll be able to make health decisions with the best interests of your pet in mind instead of your wallet.  So if you are not a disciplined saver and you want what’s best for your furry, feathered or scaly friends, pet insurance is probably a good investment for you.

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