Link AKC Smart Dog Collars GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor Review

Link AKC Smart Dog Collars GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor Review

Your dog needs to be monitored even when you cannot see him because you are not at home for work or other activities. Link AKC smart dog collars with GPS tracker and Activity Monitor is a great alternative to take care of your pet. Most of the collars for dogs do not fully cover their protection because they do not have GPS devices to track satisfactorily.

Link AKC Smart Dog Collars GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor Review

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar Review
Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

A healthy dog ​​requires a lot of attention, and for them, the Link AKC collar is a great monitoring option. When you are not at home, you can measure your pet’s activities to make sure everything is going well in your absence. Many features are worth looking into this necklace before you make a hasty purchase of it.

Of course, its characteristics have to do with the safety and comfort that the collar offers your dog. Few collars on the market are made with such care to fit the contour of any dog’s neck perfectly. Developing pets often change neck size as they grow, so you should buy versatile collars.

There are Link AKC collars for dogs with classic style showing the most sophisticated of your pet, as they are made of leather. On the other hand, the sports model is made for those dogs whose characteristics are more athletic, being a collar with more elasticity. There are many pros and cons of this necklace that you will also learn throughout the guide for a wide choice.

The manual setup of the Link AKC collar is very simple so that it can be done in no time. The plans to which the necklace is subject are based on what you should know as a search for the perfect necklace. Look in the review for those points that you want to be within the perfect collar for your dog.


Analyzing all the positive features of Link AKC Smart Collars for Dogs with GPS Tracker and Activity Monitor is very important. The characteristics of this necklace are widely accepted in the necklace market because they are innovative and practical. Loving your dog implies that you must be aware of him and his daily activities to notice any negative changes. The main characteristics of this necklace are the following:

Smart Tracking Application

In addition to the design of the necklace, the application with which it works is its main positive characteristics. This app is subject to a service plan that works like a smartphone for your 4-legged friend. The data transmission is made through the service plan giving details of your pet’s activities daily.

With the application, you don’t have to miss any important moment in your dog’s life, even if you are working. Thanks to the app, buyers can opt for an extended warranty on the necklace in case of unexpected damage. The guarantee includes a size guarantee and, of course, the guarantee of online access for dog health problems.

For example, if you need help to save the life of your dog from poisoning, you will have a team, you will have a support team. Twenty-four hours a day, you will be able to count on the attention to cover the emergencies that you may have regarding your pet. With the size guarantee, you can change the collar when you think it is too small for your pet.

There is a customer service number where they will gladly manage the change of necklace for a larger one.

The Activity Monitor for the Details of your Dog’s Activities

Regarding the activity monitor, the application allows you to do training according to the age of your dog. You have the option of customizing each of your pet’s steps with sound to define what activities it does. According to the breed of your dog.

It follows the daily activities of the pet without a problem; thanks to that, its monitor is designed to provide you with detailed and reliable information. You can see the level of your dog’s activities to measure its movements and notice future anomalies when it is sick. Thanks to the information on activities from the American Kennel Club, you can see how your pet behaves every day.

Thanks to the monitor, you receive alerts of:

  • Temperature alerts, in case your dog is under unusual conditions.
  • Ambient temperature alerts, to detect if your dog is in very cold environments or vice versa.

In addition to the alerts explained, this necklace also offers the opportunity to save the following information:

  • Record all the moments that you consider special.
  • You can share the adventures you live with your pets with family or friends
  • Save the vet’s records to review its development.
  • You can make health reminders if necessary

The monitor also offers you customization of the sounds that the monitor emits.

Long battery life

The battery in this device is another reason why you should buy one for your pet. It can take up to three days to charge the collar, and you will still know everything your dog did at that time. Depending on the signal strength of the cell, the battery life may vary a little.

It is compatible with Various Mobile devices

The Link AKC Smart Dog Collar is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This ensures that you can continue to see your pet’s activities on any device you own.

Works to Locate your dog throughout the US

Its GPS allows you to know the exact location of your pet within the entire United States. Thanks to its quick tracking function, you can know exactly the whereabouts of your pet in case of loss. Thanks to the AT&T cellular network, this tracker allows you to locate your pet more quickly than other similar devices.

You can live great Adventures

If you are one of those who enjoy great walks with your pet, the Link AKC collar is a perfect option. You can save the activities carried out on the walks of your choice to remember them later.

Link AKC Activity Monitor Design

There are two designs to suit the one that best suits your pet’s personality. In both designs, the collar adapts perfectly to the contours of the dog’s neck regardless of the breed. The design of the necklace is durable and very modern, being also waterproof so that it does not get damaged by water.

The widths of the collar vary between 0.5 inches and 1.5 inches to accommodate any size and breed of dog. The two styles available are:

Classic model

It is a model designed for dogs whose adventures are more limited, belonging to sophisticated breeds. Thanks to the use of Italian leather, this collar adds personality to your conceited pet.

Sports Model

The design of this type of collar is based on elasticity so that the dog can move freely. The fabric with which this necklace is made is reflective of better adventures. For example, at an early age, puppies show their athletic side, so this model is perfect for it.

In addition to what is described, this necklace can remain up to 3 feet underwater for 30 minutes without being damaged. Thanks to the light functions, people can take night walks with their dog if they prefer. In the sound function, you can set a better training for your pet if you prefer.

There are several colors available to choose the one that best suits your pet, existing classic and sport models. It is a device that connects perfectly with Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and your cell phone monitor application. Thanks to the USB port unit, you can charge the collar when you need to cover the dog’s activities.

LINK AKC Technical Characteristics

  • Batteries: Made of lithium-ion
  • Product Dimensions: 12.6×0.34×0.2 inches
  • Weight: 14.39 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: Smart Pet Technologies, LLC

Pros and Cons


It is a necklace that connects easily with Bluetooth

Provides comfort, security, and a perfect fit for your dog.

You can track your pet with GPS

Connects to WiFi for complete interaction with the dog’s activities.

It has a cell activity monitor application

You have access to the vet’s records

You receive ambient temperature alerts and other anomaly alerts

The purchase of the LINK AKC smart necklace includes a preferred necklace.

You can charge the necklace with a USB

The battery is long-lasting

It is compatible with Android and iOS devices

Train, control, and supervise your pet’s activities when you are at work

You can take photos on your phone’s camera using the app

Thanks to the light function, you can take night walks.

You will have monitoring of activities 24/7

It is waterproof

The App is easy to use and very easy to configure.


You need to cancel a plan to access LINK AKC services

The battery should charge in a minimum of 3 days

The market price can be a bit high

It is limited for tracking outside the US

AKC Support Link and Manual Setup

Link AKC Smart Dog Collars GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor ReviewYou do not have to worry about the doubts you have about the Link AKC collar because the support will clarify them. Thanks to the quick start guide, you can set up the necklace more quickly by following the most practical tips. A subscription allows information to be transmitted over a cellular network to learn details about your dog.

Before buying this necklace, you should take into account the amounts of your plan and some other related policies. The things present in your most relevant manual setup are:

The Service Plans

The Link AKC collar is subject to a service plan, so you should find the one that suits you. Each pet owner may have different needs that must be covered with each service plan. Data is transmitted from the collar to the Link MyPet application downloaded on your preferred smartphone.

The application is very easy to download and configure on your preferred phone and mainly offers you:

  • Locate your dog
  • Review your activities
  • Know anomalies and more.

Only when you purchase a service plan can you access your dog’s neck growth guarantee. You will also have free access to the poison helpline 24 hours a day.

How to configure the application?

It is very easy to configure the application and the collar that you bought for the dog. First, you must search for the Link MyPet application from Google Play or App Store and download it to your cell phone. In the process, you have the option of registering your preferred service plan; of course, you must have the necklace.

What prices does the Company offer for Service Plans?

To suit all users, the company that owns the Link AKC collar application has various service prices. The value of the plan is $ 9.95 in a fee paid each month being an economic billing. If you make a prepayment one year in advance, you receive a 20% discount.

By reviewing the discount, you can see that your monthly payment will be $ 7.95 per month. The company offers another very important promotion when it comes to paying for the application. If you cancel two years of service, the customer saves a 30% discount from canceling much less.

When you cancel two years, you pay only $ 6.95 per month, being the best promotion of the company.

The function of the pet poison line

If your dog has a poisoning accident, you can receive support care through means associated with the company. This option has no additional cost because it is included in the previously canceled payment service. This service is available 24/7 to ensure prudent care in emergencies.

Thanks to the help center option, you have access to speak to dog toxicology professionals.


During the review of the Link AKC Smart Collar for Dogs with GPS Tracker and Activity Monitor, a great collar is evident. Thanks to the application combined with the collar, you can review all the activities that your pet does when he is not there. You can also record all the activities of your dog, including the adventures and walks they do.

If you do not want to miss a detail of what your dog does, this is the best option to use a smart collar. Using this collar is as if your dog finally had a smartphone to always be in communication. Buy your collar today and enjoy the benefit of monitoring and caring for your dog with Link AKC.

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