Wonderful Pet Insurance!!

Wonderful Pet Insurance!! We have insured two Newfoundlands with them and have used them for years. It was upsetting to me all the bad reviews I saw very unfair. We lost our second Newfie in March. She had many many health issues the last two years. They never once ask me for more info or denied a claim. They also covered alternative Ozone treatment towards the end to help her organs function more efficiently. It gave us 6 more months of a happy healthy dog we would not have had otherwise. They covered her meds, even some of the supplements for her kidneys and most of the cost of the euthanasia in the end. We are getting a new Newfie puppy in a few weeks and I will definitely use them again. All of our dogs have been certified therapy dogs and worked at the local hospital, airport and with the crisis response team. They make it very easy to file claims online and were always processed in a timely manner and credited to my bank account.
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