We got a purebred Bichon and we registered her with the AKC

We got a purebred Bichon and we registered her with the AKC and then we got some information on the pet insurance. We went with AKC because it was convenient. They gave us one month of free pet insurance as well. The free month was up, so I extended it. Our experience with them was good. They’re very helpful. During that month, I had to submit a claim. Our Bichon has ear infections. She was scratching a lot and if we touched her ears, it was painful. We got the dog from a breeder when she was seven months old. Bichons grow hair in their ear and the breeder never cleaned that out. So, over time, after we got her, it became very infected, which we didn’t realize. I had to take the dog for a follow-up with my vet. Then the vet explained the shape of the ear canal which is why the groomer didn’t see the hair that was impacted in a different area of the ear canal. She could only see what was on the outside of the ear, and it was deep inside. And my vet said that probably occurred way back when the dog was still with the breeder. The claim was put in and I haven’t heard back from AKC. They needed all the paperwork which I’ve just sent in this week. So, they’re reviewing it, but they’ve been on top of everything. They were very helpful in customizing the type of insurance I needed, and adding on and taking out what I didn’t want.
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