most coverage and most rewards points

I was always so weary about pet insurance but with my past experiences in the cost of vet bills I decided to give it a go. I learned about Embrace through USAA for my pet. I also opted for the most coverage and most rewards points. The claims process was extremely easy especially over the app, and the personnel over the phone are extremely helpful and kind. Unfortunately about a month ago my baby got very sick and was in and out of the ICU, last week I had to make that difficult decision that no one wants to make, he had advanced lymphoma and there was really nothing we could do. Embrace was by my side! If it wasn’t for having them as insurance I would have not been able to provide the best care for my pupper during his last days. If you have a pet and are looking for a phenomenal insurance who truly cares about animals, Embrace is definitely the way to go!!
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