I got 24petwatch insurance for my pug

I got 24petwatch insurance for my pug when he was 6 months old. He is now 4. This insurance company was recommended to me through my teachers union perks. 24Petwatch has always paid my claims as explained in policy. I haven’t experienced 1 issue with them and I have submitted over 10 claims in the past 4 years from serious issues to minor issues. They have an online portal where all I have to do is upload a copy of the vet bill and click submit. Within days, I am notified my claim has been processed and a check is in the mail. I recommend this insurance company to everyone who has a dog, especially if the breed is prone to certain medical conditions. It is cheaper to get in on a policy the younger the dog is. It is very easy and user-friendly, no hidden gimmicks. This insurance company has saved me a lot of money with my vet bills. I highly recommend.
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