Health insurance through 24 PetWatch for 13 years

My dog will be 14 in June and she has had health insurance through 24 PetWatch for 13 years. I cannot say enough good things about this company. I have watched this company grow and change over the years- it only gets better and more efficient. Their plans for level of coverage are very clear, their online service portal could not be easier, and I have never been denied a claim. Even when claims were done by mail and email, the phone service was compassionate and excellent (but I do love the online portal!!!). My dog has had very serious (costly) issues over her life (Lyme, pancreatitis, Addison’s) and in her waning years we have been dealt another blow with Congestive Heart Failure. Throughout- 24PetWatch has been there, always providing the coverage they promised and zero, ZERO, drama or haggling. There was a time about 4 years ago that my state changed the laws for pet health insurance and companies had to scrambled to get re-approved to do business in the state. It was terrible because my dog had recently been diagnosed with secondary Addison’s (from the Lyme)- I researched other options and was floored by options- so many loopholes and disclaimers. Thankfully things worked out and they back-covered my dog so it was seamless. With 24PetWatch, what you read is what you get- no hidden fine print. They review claims within 24hrs, and process them quickly when you provide correct documentation. I’ve never seen a claim take longer than 48 hrs in 13 years. Checks are received in a timely manner through USPS. If only human health insurance were this easy!!!! I can’t bear to think of losing my girl, but if the time comes that we get another dog, I would not even research other companies. I would sign up with 24PetWatch from day one.
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