Eusoh is great.

Eusoh is great. It is a community based pet health cost sharing plan that leverages the power of community to empower its members, providing an affordable pet insurance alternative. It is very easy to sign up and add your pets (each pet requires its own fee), you can either join an existing group of other pet owners – either community groups or moderated groups, or create your own group as long as it has at least 10 members. You can also create a group of family and friends which makes it fun. Following the sign up you have to deposit $48 as a shared contribution for your group to cover its expenses, and each month you pay the amount that’s missing to take it back to $48, in addition to your $17/month subscription. So the maximum you will pay per month will always be $65/month. Eusoh’s plan reimburses your vet bills. You first pay it on your own, then submit the receipts to the community to get a refund for it. If you were just accepted to a group you will have to wait 30 days before being able to submit a reimbursement request. This allows Eusoh to prevent frauds. You usually get 80% of your bill covered, which helps carrying the costs of pet care, wether it’s health conditions, injuries, routine care, annual vet visits, accidents, medications and even wellness. Spaying, grooming and supplements are not covered by Eusoh. Eusoh members can change groups without a fee after being part of the last group for a minimum time period of 12 months. Bottom line: Eusoh is an excellent option for those of you who seek affordable pet healthcare without breaking the bank and funding greedy insurance companies. Another major advantage in my opinion is the access to a big pet owners community.
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