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Have had pets for the last 15 years and decided just last year to purchase a health insurance plan for my 2 dogs. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out and not sure if it was worth it. Well, found out it was totally worth it after my 7 year old greyhound was diagnosed with hemolitic anemia. We had lost another dog to this dreaded disease over 5 years ago and I was devastated. This time, we did catch it early and were able to treat it aggressively. Thank goodness, she survived and is back to her happy self. I gathered up all my bills and lab work and sent in my first claim to PetFirst pet insurance. Just received our reimbursement check in the mail yesterday. They paid a good portion of a very large bill and it made doing the right thing for our beloved pet that much easier. Plus it was an easy process too. No hassles at all. I will continue with the plans for both my dogs as long as they are with us! Highly recommend this insurance to any pet parent looking for peace of mind.
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