24PetWatch has been a lifesaver with our two year old rescue dog

24PetWatch has been a lifesaver with our two year old rescue dog. We were given a free one month trial through the adoption agency that brought him to us, and have stuck with them. Our baby has had more medical issues than any dog should at his age, from hip and elbow dysplasia that both required surgery in his first year, to idiopathic epilepsy requiring Specialist visits and an array of monthly meds, and more recently, a torn ACL also requiring surgery. Had we known that destructo dog would have these medical issues, we might have gone with a plan that has unlimited coverage once you hit a certain point, or at least a policy with a higher coverage limit, but we increased his policy at the time of renewal so have had no problem getting his more recent issues covered (we simply ran out of coverage the first year so had to pay the balance out of pocket – not the company’s fault since we picked the policy limit). 24PetWatch is very reasonably priced compared to some other options, and the claims process is extremely straightforward and easy (I usually submit claims within minutes on my phone). I generally have my refund within a week. I obviously can’t speak to issues others have had cancelling the policy, and luckily have not had to deal with his microchip at all, but changing our address when we moved last year wasn’t an issue online.
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